Very best wishes for a Happy Holiday season from us here at the PPC Roundup to all the friends we’ve made this year.  Here is our weekly gift from us to you – a look at the best and newest stories about pay-per-click from the past week.


Starting with Google……


Google announced a while back that you can now see matched keywords in a column right within your campaigns and ad groups, better to make decisions.  Google asked two Top Contributors in the AdWords forums what they liked best about the new feature.  Here are a few of their answers (you can see the rest here):


“For the first time, I can stay within AdWords and decide whether I should delete or pause a keyword altogether, or keep it and use some negative keywords to block unwanted impressions for irrelevant search queries.”


“A campaign manager can see, at one glance, the complete funnel that triggered an ad: the original search term a user was searching for, through the keyword that matched the search term, and finally the ad group of the ad shown, all on the same page.”


What’s your favorite thing about it?


A few weeks back, we wrote about AdWords Express extending a credit to new users for a month’s worth of spend based on their spend between December 1 – 31.  Google just announced that they will double your AdWords Express investment for anything between now and the end of the year.  Get more details here.


DoubleClick announces some new tools to make gathering and reporting data easier for its users.  These changes include:  the open beta Event API for uploading offline conversions automatically, integration with Google Analytics data, Formula Columns to perform calculations right within the interface, and Web Query support.


Are you a contributor to the AdWords Community?  Google announces the Top Contributors for 2012 in this post.  Congratulations, guys, and thanks for all your help!


Meanwhile, over at Bing Ads……


It’s that time of year for The Best (fill in the blank) of 2012 and the Top (fill in the blank) for 2013, and Bing Ads does not disappoint.


Bing Ads Presents: 10 Top PPC Tips for 2013 from our SEM Industry Friends (in Fewer than 140 Characters).   Mobile search was a biggie in this list.  Is there anything you’d add?


Based on a recent customer survey, Bing Ads has some changes they’ll be rolling out in the coming months that they’ve categorized into 3 main buckets, including:  making Bing Ads easier and faster to use, increasing transparency for better optimization and performance, and driving more traffic to your website.  The bullets under each point are interesting.  Check them out here.


And, from elsewhere around the Internet…..


Google has launched its own Santa Tracker.  Have you played around with it yet?


YP says that 30 percent of its overall query volume and lookups now come from mobile devices.  This article at Search Engine Land says that that isn’t surprising for YP, especially because most of their searches are local in nature.


Experian released its breakdown of the top search queries of 2012.  Always a fun list (or bunch of lists to look at!)  See it broken out by overall, famous people, movies, tv shows, and more.


Google is trying to overcome “fat finger” syndrome by making some tweaks to mobile ads to reduce accidental clicks.


That’s it for this week, friends.  Hope everyone has a great time over the coming weeks!