It’s hot as blazes across the country, so we offer you a weekly PPC roundup to read from the air-conditioned comfort of your home, your office, or your home office. Kick back and see what’s up with PPC this week.


Online marketers have been abuzz this week with new remarketing options available via the Google Analytics interface. We have been very happy with the integrations between Google Analytics & AdWords and vice versa over the past year, and this is one of the coolest ones to date. You can learn more about Remarketing with Google Analytics here.


And, wow, just wow. Now you can target Google ads by congressional district!  Search Engine Land has details about this new kind of online ad targeting here. We like the map of Maryland’s 6th Congressional District in the article. Imagine trying to target that without this new feature.


At Search Engine Roundtable, Barry Schwartz talks about an interesting thread in the Google Places help forums. It’s about the nuances of setting monthly budgets in AdWords Express.


An SEOMoz article by Larry Kim approaches the age-old question of PPC vs. SEO.  It’s indisputable that paid ads are taking up more real estate in SERPs than they used to and that PPC is critical to the online marketing mix, especially as Google continues to push out “zoo animal” updates that render some SEO strategies unusable.


Search Engine Land gives 3 Tips To Manage Complex Paid Search Programs including the use of bulk changes to local listings, and the use of AdWords labels and Automated Rules. See the article for specific recommendations..


PPC Hero loves adCenter! In 5 Ways adCenter beats AdWords, Sam Owen outlines the virtues of Microsoft’s updated platform. In particular, he really likes the quality score reporting detail, negative keyword conflict reports, share of voice reports, greater search partner targeting ability, and the ability to set a monthly budget.


Search Engine Land also gives an overview of a somewhat controversial study (funded by YP!), which says that YP delivers better value than AdWords. The study notes lower costs per call across many of the categories they looked at.  You can read details here.


Hubspot has a handy dandy tool for calculating the number of traffic and leads you need to generate based on revenue goals. This reminds us of another cool tool at SEOMoz that calculates the “value” of a keyword. If this doesn’t drive home the value of SEM, to the C-suite, we aren’t sure what will.


We all have our favorite keyword research tools, and Search Engine Watch includes many of these and some potential alternatives in 5 Overlooked PPC Keyword Research Tools.


That’s it for this week.  Stay cool everyone and have a great weekend!