Wow.  Our thoughts go out to the people affected by the meteor impact in Russia’s Urals region.  If you’ve seen the meteor video, you will agree that it’s kind of amazing that there was no loss of human lives.


If you’ve been glued to the news online or on TV about this or anything else, take a break!  It’s time for our weekly PPC update!


First, out of Google…..


We’re all trying to figure out exactly how Enhanced Campaigns will impact our companies or our clients, so Google is providing some Learn with Google Webinars about this very topic.  Starting this coming Thursday, Google will offer a series of five of these webinars to bring us all up to speed.  Topics include:  device bid adjustments and smarter mobile ads (2/21), upgraded site links and call extensions (2/28), location bid adjustments and enhanced location targeting strategies (3/7) and more.  See the whole list and signup info here.


Do you use Search Funnel data in optimizing for conversions?  If you’ve been reluctant, for whatever reason, now would be a good time to start.  Google’s making it easier by adding Search Funnels to the column customizer. See ideas on how to use this data, along with a success story about conversion optimizer.


AdWords Express is now available through your MCC.


We’re a couple days late with this, but if you haven’t gotten your sweetie a Valentine’s card yet, you could always print out one of the cards on this page and give it to them, as if they didn’t know you were a giant geek already.


Next, from Bing Ads……


The new Bing Ads reporting UI is now default.  The new UI, which has been an option for some time features:

  1. A new, Wunderbar-style navigation for faster access to reports.
  2. Report creation in half the clicks.
  3. A simpler, more convenient way to download and view reports.
  4. Automatic application of your reporting parameters (time and date ranges, for example) to the Campaign or Ad Group you’re working on.


The Bing Ads blog has been mixing it up lately with a lot of optimization tips/best practices by consumer vertical/season.  The latest in this series is What Will They Search For this Spring? Insight and Optimization Tips for the US Market, which provides an overview of the top areas of consumer spend in the springtime.


Finally, from the rest of the Internet……


There are a few good posts at Search Engine Land about Product Listing Ads (PLAs).  The first gives some ideas about making the linkage between query, trigger product, and product sold, so you can evaluate performance in Google Analytics.  The second is 6 Advanced Strategies For Optimizing PLA Campaigns.


Search Engine Watch has an interesting article called Conflicting PPC Trends:  What They Mean & How to Fix Them. The author looks at several scenarios including what happens when you get more impressions, but fewer clicks, when your CTR increases but your conversion rate decreases, transactions increase, but ROI decreases, and more.  Check it out.


That’s it for this week friends.  Stay safe this weekend and have fun!