Do you think that your A/B and multivariate testing skills are top notch? Well, you could put your tests to the test and win an Online Testing Award from!


WhichTestWon is running a contest to find great examples of A/B tests and multivariate tests conducted by marketers and conversion experts like you from around the world. Entrants may have used any vendor, worked with any agency or run tests in-house, and can be from any country as long as an English translation of results is provided. Keep reading for details.


How to Enter – (it’s free!)


Thanks to the generous sponsorship of monetate, entering the Online Testing Awards is completely free this year. So really, you have nothing to lose but the chance to win this contest if you pass up the opportunity!


Entering the contest is simple. You can read all of the particulars on the website. Simply fill out the form on the entry page and you’re all set! You’ll need to have some screenshots/mockups at the ready to showcase your testing talents (if the actual pages are no longer available, a re-created mockup is fine), and will just need to answer some questions on the form.


You can enter as many tests as you like, as long as they’re each entered separately. Only A/B tests and multivariate tests with conclusive results are considered, and your tests must have been conducted at any time after January 1, 2011.


Categories for test entries include:

  • Landing page tests
  • Lead generation tests
  • Ecommerce site & cart tests
  • Social media tests
  • Banner ad tests
  • Homepage tests
  • B2B marketing tests

There’s a category for everyone, so if you’ve been doing some analysis of your own like our Wins of the Week, be sure to enter in the “ad” category when you fill out the form and you just might win!

What’s the prize?


Winners will have their tests featured in WhichTestWon’s online Award Winners Hall of Fame, and will receive links from to their sites and profiles of their vendors, including testing technology and services firms/agencies. Winners will also receive a digital Awards Ribbon for bragging rights to post on their site and/or blog.

Ready to enter?


Head on over to to read more of the details and enter the contest, and quick! The deadline is tomorrow, January 31, 2012 at 5pm EST.


Good luck!