It’s time for another weekly roundup here at BoostCTR, and as we head into the second half of July, we’re bringing you some tips surrounding link building and ad writing this week.


Our first helpful link comes from the Microsoft adCenter blog with their post, titled “Pay Per Click (PPC) for SMB Part 8 — How to Write Great Ads“. This installment of their continuing series should give you some great tips for optimizing your PPC ad text and snagging the right searchers (and getting the right clicks!). The author also links to all of the other parts of the series, so you can catch up in case you haven’t been following along.


Search Engine Watch’s Melissa Mackey brings us some helpful words of caution with her post “The PPC Test You Shouldn’t Run“. Her ultimate advice? “Don’t test too many things at once, and measure, measure, measure!”


Looking for some in-depth expert tips with B2B and ECommerce PPC campaign management? The PPC Blog with Matthew Umbro published a ‘Streamcap’ of their PPC chat on Twitter on the topic of “Understanding B2B & ECommerce Pay-Per-Click Campaigns“.  PPC aficionados from all over tweeted their responses to the group interview questions, and the full transcript is available on the blog for your perusal.


Speaking of ECommerce PPC campaigns, Hubspot had a great post on their blog this week called “5 1/2 FAQs for More Effective ECommerce Pay-Per-Click Spending“. In this post, they’ve gathered a list of FAQs for ECommerce PPC (and an extra ‘1/2′ tip at the end).


Rae Hoffman-Dolan has put together an enormous and highly valuable post on her blog that follows a tradition she’s created for the past 4 years: “Link Building With the Experts – 2011 Edition“. This group link building interview features search marketing experts like Rand Fishkin, Michael Gray, Eric Ward and 6 others, weighing in on topics like branding, social-metric building strategy, and the Panda update. This is a post not to be missed.


Lastly, we always know we’ll find great content over at PPC Hero, and this week was no exception. We found several articles we loved, but this one in particular stood out to us, partially because it reminded us of our own Win of the Week series: “Case Study: Writing Effective Sales Ads“. Bethany Bey did some sales ad testing and shares the results, and accompanying analysis, with us. She follows Melissa Mackey’s advice that we referenced above by not testing too many things at once, thereby yielding clear results that she can act upon for future ads.


That’s all for this week’s PPC roundup! Do you have any PPC-related articles you’d like to share? Please feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!