This week’s PPC roundup covers taking a ‘No BS’ approach to PPC. From landing page optimization to keyword research, budgeting and maintaining Internet marketing transparency, we have an assortment of resources for you this week to move forward with common sense and clarity in your PPC endeavors.


Our first resource, and the inspiration behind the theme of this roundup, is an article by Ann Handley on Marketing Profs entitled: Jason Falls: ‘No BS’ in Print, in Person, Online. In this post, Ann highlights Jason’s new book, workshop, and contributions to MarketingProfs’ U Content Marketing Crash Course. If you’re exploring social media with your business, you may want to check these resources out to get you on the road to unabashed transparency through Internet marketing and social media, and, ultimately, success.


Miranda Miller of Search Engine Watch keeps it real for the mobile crowd with her article, Mobile Landing Page Quality Now Affects AdWords Quality Score on Mobile Ads. Here she offers five key ways to get optimized for mobile and help give your quality score a boost for your mobile ads.


Now we all know that part of cutting out extraneous stuff clogging up any process is getting organized. Whether we actually do it is often another story, but Bethany Bey of PPC Hero helps PPC managers stay in check with her PPC Task Checklist for Account Success. She offers weekly tasks, bi-weekly tasks, monthly tasks AND bi-monthly tasks, all explained and also organized in a checklist that readers can download for free.


Another step in streamlining your PPC process includes automation, which Frost Prioleau at Search Engine Land discusses in this article: Keyword Optimization For Retargeting: Why Automation Matters. Why should search marketers care about search retargeting, and how can they approach it through optimization, either manual or automated? The answers to these questions and more are a click away.


While you’re reading all of these stellar resources, you may be craving even more common sense strategies for PPC, and we would be happy to oblige with this blog post from WordStream: A Common Sense Approach to PPC. This in-depth post takes PPCers straight through from the analysis stage to execution and upkeep, offering strategic but sensible tips for every step of the way.


Last but certainly not least, this article from Brad at the Certified Knowledge blog gives PPC professionals a big heads up regarding an often overlooked file: Robots.txt. His article, What PPC Practitioners Should Know about Robots.txt Files, discusses the different robots that crawl our sites and what to do and not to do in order to avoid penalties or duplicate content.


That’s it for this week’s PPC roundup! Thanks for reading and you never know, your blog post may show up in our roundup next week! Have a great weekend.