PPC, SEO, CPC, KPI…the search engine marketing industry has a lot of acronyms to keep track of! This week’s roundup focuses on a few of these ever-important abbreviations with some great tips and tools to help you boost your ROI…er, see a better CTR!…um… well, you get the idea.

Let’s start with PPC:

Alistair Dent of Search Engine Watch shows us how to use Google Correlate as a PPC Tool, saying that he feels it’s “a step in the right direction for managing PPC campaigns and discovering new keyword ideas”, and that it can “in some ways be better than Google Insights or the Keyword Tool”. With a testimonial like that, this is definitely worth a read!


Think PPC is a drain on the wallet? Melissa Mackey, a Michigan-based PPC Specialist shares why she vouches that PPC costs less than SEO. The facts may surprise you.

Search Marketing KPI:


George Michie helps dispel some important KPI myths in his PPC KPI post “Averages Lie: Part 27″. In it, he demonstrates a scenario where PPC results aren’t always how they might seem to an outsider, offering quick and simple ways to prove value and debunk assumptions about the real value your campaign is pulling in.


Search Engine Journal has also focused on KPIs in their post showing us how to create a link building dashboard. They help us to establish what KPIs to track, and how to record these metrics so that they’re actionable. The answer to the second part? Tracking KPIs in a dashboard, of course! Instructions are provided to help you get started.

AdWords CTR:


PPCBlog.com has provided some early CTR test results for using a display URL in AdWords headlines, debating the effectiveness of this recent Google change and how it affects searchers and search marketers.



Search Engine Land never disappoints us, and this post is no different. For those of you using PPC for your retail business (or retail clients), here are 7 Reasons Why Nixing Branded Keywords is Not the Fix for CPC Inflation.

FB Ads:


Facebook ads are gaining a lot of momentum in the SEM world these days, as you’ve probably noticed from our own blog posts of late! Here are two great posts from the Aim Clear blog:


We hope you’ve found some useful information in this week’s PPC roundup! Have a great weekend and be sure to get some R&R!