With Labor Day weekend upon us and students everywhere gearing up to head back to school for another academic year, we figured what better theme for this week’s PPC roundup than ‘back to school’? Whether you’re just starting out with search engine marketing or already feel like you’ve got your master’s, this week’s roundup should provide you with some food for thought as you hit the books for a productive and profitable year with your search efforts!


Here are some of the search-centric blog posts and other resources we came across this week that we thought were worth sharing:


It wouldn’t be the school year without tests. And this post from Search Engine Land shows e-commerce vendors 4 areas to A/B test for their e-commerce websites. The four types include call-to-action buttons; pricing, discounts and shipping strategies; product display and search results; and the checkout page. If you sell online, this is definitely worth a read.


It’s tough to imagine that kids are probably starting to think about Halloween as they head back to school already, but Search Engine Watch’s Rob Young is prepared and ahead of the game with his post “A Few AdCenter Tricks for Halloween PPC Treats“. If your business thrives during the Halloween season, or if you want to be able to seasonally target your ads, now’s the time to start planning for it and this article will get you headed in the right direction.


Are you optimizing for your mobile customers yet? While this slideshare presentation from Ion Interactive is from a few months ago, we can see why it’s made its reappearance on Twitter this week. Study the art of mobile search with these five tips for creating mobile webpages. You could be missing out on a whole section of your target audience.


For even more mobile tidbits, MarketingCharts.com offers some data in their post “4 Ways Smartphones are Changing Consumer Shopping Behavior“. Based on a study cited in the article, 39% of smartphone users purchase something on their mobile devices at least once a month. Are you making your products and services available to them?


A new school year often inspires even non-students to try their hand at learning a new skill or enrolling in a class for fun. So why not try something new with your search campaign? If you haven’t tried call tracking yet, Mongoose Metrics has a wealth of information on their site about the ins and outs of this area of search. Pamela Achladis posts an introduction for call tracking newbies in her post “Call Tracking 101: How to Integrate Call Tracking Into Your Marketing Campaigns“.


Some more posts that we really found valuable were Pamela Lund from Blue Glass’ “PPC Bid Reductions: Why You Might Want To Make Some“, highlighting why bigger bidding isn’t always better. We also liked PPC Hero’s “Roadmap To A Successful Landing Page Audit“. WordStream has a great first installment to a series called “AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC” that is definitely worth checking out, and KISSMetrics helps us battle indecision overload in their post “Are You Losing Sales by Giving Customers Too Many Choices?“.


We hope this week’s roundup gives you some new information to study as you begin to settle in for the back to school season! If you have any resources to add, please leave a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter. Have a great weekend!