Feeling stuck in a rut with your techniques for PPC ad writing? Take some tips from Search Engine Journal author Sujan Patel and use Twitter and Facebook trends to write your PPC ads! Patel outlines techniques such as using social media as market research, identifying trending topics, studying your competition, testing and more.


January is well under way but the 2012 predictions continue to roll in! Bob Tripathi of Search Engine Watch offers his forecast with 7 social media & SEO tactics businesses will adopt in 2012. Key players in the list include using social media for marketing intelligence, focusing on profitability and quality content, and driving SEO with social media. To see the rest of the list and compare to the techniques you’re putting in place for your business, be sure to check out the article.


Have you adjusted your bids in Google AdWords recently? Randy Pickard, search marketer and writer for Search Engine People tells you why you should in his article, “Why Google AdWords Advertisers Should Tweak Their Bids“. He helps readers understand AdWords’ bid pricing model in order to best make use of their ad spend and prevent over-paying for AdWords clicks.


Are you having trouble getting the response you’ve been hoping for in your social media efforts? Not to fear. Mike Lewis of Socialnomics has some tips in his article “the Social Spark: Strategies to Increase Social Engagement“. He offers helpful hints for things like running contests and promotions, and techniques for maintaining ongoing social engagement from followers (with one key component being empowering your most passionate followers/users).


If you’re hoping to do more with video in 2012 and don’t have your sights set on gaining Internet fame a la Rebecca Black, Megan Marrs at WordStream has some help for you in her two-part series: “5-Step Guide for Creating & Optimizing Video Content that Ranks on Google: Part 1” (& part 2). Megan takes us completely through the process, from step one, “creating and recording video content for your business”, to step five, “getting your video noticed”. Definitely have a look and avoid the pitfalls your competitors just might be falling into.


Everything we do online really comes down to communication – properly communicating our thoughts and ideas through writing and multimedia, communicating with clients and colleagues via email or skype; without communication, what are we left with? Well, in terms of client relationships, we just might be left with nothing. That’s why John Lee has written his post “Build Stronger PPC Client Relationships Through Better Communication“. He offers suggestions for how to improve the clarity of your communication with clients to help foster more trust, a better overall experience for both you and the client by eliminating ambiguity, and ideally, more profit for you!


As far as general search engine news this week, a couple big stories made headlines.


For one, there is the “EPIC complaint against Google’s New Search Plus“. EPIC as in Electronic Privacy Information Center, though one could also consider this a complaint of epic proportions. Concerned that the Search Plus update may violate the privacy of Google+ users, EPIC’s complaint cites Google+ users’ inability to opt out of having certain information shared about them in Google search, and questions Google’s fairness or level of bias in what it returns for results. Haven’t heard of the Search Plus update? The Google Search Plus feature “automatically personalizes search results to include photos you or your connections have uploaded, relevant Google+ posts and comments, quickly find profiles, or discover related people and pages.” EPIC, Twitter, and other companies are up in arms about Google’s supposed preferential treatment in its search results for its own content, but Google maintains that this update merely improves relevance and doesn’t breach users’ privacy.


Also, Foursquare launched “Personalized Search for the Real World”. An overview of this new development by Greg Sterling states “We can now, without hesitation, now call Foursquare a ‘local search engine.'” All Foursquare ‘tips’ content is now searchable as well, with ways to narrow down results to suit your needs. From “geeky game” to “local search utility”, Foursquare is definitely stepping up to the plate in the world of search.


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