Welcome to another weekly PPC roundup! This week’s roundup is inspired by the many changes keeping search marketers on their toes this season. From Google to Facebook and beyond, times are changing, and while everyone is not always happy about it, we’ve found some helpful articles to ease into new transitions for  your PPC and SEO strategies without a hitch.


So what exactly has been going on under the hood at Google? Rob Young of Search Engine Watch comes to the rescue in his post “Google Discusses 10 Recent Algorithm Changes”, highlighting the ways that Google has tweaked their search algorithms beyond the most recent “fresh” update.


Another change at Google which has caused major buzz this week is the new ability for businesses to create a Google+ page with Google+ for Business. Overdrive Interactive has put together a great SlideShare presentation showing how to develop an effective Google+ strategy for business with a helpful checklist and more.


Confused by how AdStream bidding works? WordStream has released a great infographic this week called “How Does the AdWords Auction Work?” showing the relationship between ad rank, CPC bid and quality score, outlining how Google determines what you pay, and other useful AdWords facts.


Speaking of AdWords bidding, PPCHero has released a helpful video this week as a companion to their November 2 blog post “The Sweet Spot: Bidding Smartest, Not Hardest”. This PPC bidding video shows you how to use Excel to look over your keywords report and make the most informed decisions about your PPC bidding strategy.


When attempting to organize your PPC campaigns, it can get overwhelming and often confusing once the keywords start piling up. Search Engine Journal’s John Rampton helps marketers get on the ball in his article “PPC Optimization – Organize into Tightly Themed AdGroups”. While it can take a long time to weed through everything and get organized, the payoff will undoubtedly be worth it.


How about figuring out where to spend your precious PPC ad spend once you’ve organized those keywords? Greg Habermann from Search Engine Watch has some tips to help you in his article “Not Sure Where to Spend Your PPC Dollars? Try Google Insights for Search”. His post is loaded with helpful tips and screenshots to get you on the fast track to saving money and making the most of your PPC spending.


How about some changes happening in places other than Google? Microsoft adCenter released support for negative exact match yesterday, as outlined by Crosby Grant over at Search Engine Land. With this new feature rolling in, keyword-level negatives will be going away and the update doesn’t include negative broad match. Grant shows how this impacts advertisers and offers some additional resources for further reading.


Having trouble with link building? Not to worry. Jon at SEOmoz helps you lay the framework for finding an effective link building strategy with some great link building brainstorming tips.


Here’s a great guide we came across for both PPC beginners and seasoned search veterans alike: Hubspot’s Ultimate Guide for Mastering Long Tail Search. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of what long tail search is and how it works, and if you’ve been around this block before, you just might find a few strategies for optimizing your long tail strategy that you hadn’t used before.


Lastly, with all of the buzz about mobile lately, we had to include one mobile post in the roundup, and it comes from PPC Hero with 3 Mobile PPC Marketing Tips. This straight-forward post will help you to organize your PPC strategy for mobile without getting lost and confused.


That’s all for this week’s PPC roundup! Thanks for reading and if you’d like to add your own resources to the list, leave us a comment or catch up with us on twitter. Have a great weekend!