A lot of our friends and coworkers are either taking long weekends or all of next week off since the 4th falls in the middle of the week this year. How about you? Before you take off for an extra long holiday weekend, let’s look around the ppc-o-sphere to see what’s new!


Following on the heels of last weeks’ Forbes article about click fraud, the Google AdWords blog published the article Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center available in additional languages. In addition to the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center now being available in additional languages, Google has also added a video to help evaluate the clicks coming into your site by  “walking you through how to read your web server logs and help you identify which visits are a result from clicks on Google AdWords ads (sorry, English only).” Check it out.


Also from the AdWords blog, the last part of the AdWords Examples series AdWords Examples – Targeting your keywords returns us to the lava lamp example (see last week’s Weekly PPC Update) in showing beginner PPC users how to select keywords. Google recommends that you think like the customer, use synonyms, use the Google keyword tool, and add negative keywords. What other advice would you give someone starting out in AdWords? Incidentally, how do you feel about the AdWords redesign? We think it’s a better user experience, which is also important for beginner PPC users.


Does it seem like everything is mobile or local these days? Or both? Google’s interestingly phrased article With new search ads in Google Maps for Mobile, mo’ lo’ means mo’ dough for advertisers announces “we have redesigned our local ad formats for Google Maps for Mobile. These have produced measurable results – in initial tests, these redesigned formats increased click-through-rates by 100%.” As usual, Google is on the cutting edge for producing new ad delivery techniques. If you still need convincing that mobile is “where it’s at” here are some mobile marketing stats from Hubspot.


While we are on the subject of mobile and local, Search Engine Land’s A Look At Cross-Device Search & Conversion says that the 2 main takeaways from SMX Seattle were  that it’s “best practice to break out your PPC program by device (mobile, tablet, desktop) allowing for higher resolution optimizations in the keyword list, ad copy, landing pages, targeting, and bidding strategy” and that cross device tracking can’t be done now, but is the next frontier for marketers.


Speaking of new frontiers: a lot of people may be seasoned AdWords pros, but new to Microsoft adCenter. The article From the adCenter Help Team: Showing You How to Get the Most Out of adCenter has information for 3 different audience segments: those new to search marketing, those new to adCenter, and those coming from AdWords. Here, you can access helpful videos and articles no matter your level of expertise. Oh, and while you’re at it, you can become a Microsoft Advertising Professional for FREE through June 30th. Act fast!


Search Engine Journal has a great article on conversion optimization here.  These are great “easy peasy” tips that require relatively little effort and that can positively impact your PPC campaigns. Here are some more tips on visitor engagement from SEOMoz in 8 Attributes of Content That Inspire Action.


Finally, in Search Engine Journal, Susan Waldes shares her “biggest screw-up ever” in  6 SEM Tips for Avoiding Mistakes That Could Cost You a Client (A Cautionary Tale). One recommendation is to never start new campaigns on a Friday night or a holiday or when you won’t be able to “babysit the changes”. Great advice!


Hope everyone has a great weekend!