This week’s roundup focuses on the importance of keywords in your PPC campaign. Whether you’re looking to better optimize, appropriately bid, or research for new keyword opportunities, the resources we’ve compiled from around the web this week are sure to help you out.


Our first resource comes from WordStream’s blog with a guest post by Mike Essex entitled “How to Use Keyword Research for New Product Development“. This post helps to answer the all important questions “what do customers want?” and “what can you sell them?” By using keyword research as a piece of your new product development process, you gain insight into your customers’ needs, hopes and desires, and the language they’re using to search for those things.


Speaking of language, Christian Arno of Search Engine Watch brings us a great post called “Gaining Top Keyword Prominence & Dominance in Foreign Languages“. He points out that the total percentage of online content in English is between 50-80%. This means you could have a huge untapped market of customers that don’t speak English, depending on your product or service offerings. Are you reaching them? Christian offers some valuable tips for broadening your reach through foreign languages, and also provides some data regarding what languages may be more prominent than others. This of course will vary depending on your industry and offerings, but nonetheless, this could be a great avenue to explore and there are some creative ways to effectively reach a global audience without needing to be fluent in other languages yourself.


Another great keyword-focused post comes from – “Paid vs ‘Free’ Clicks: When to Buy a Keyword That Organically Ranks #1“. Now you may be thinking “why would I need to buy a keyword if I’m already ranking in the top spot for it?” But that’s precisely what this post is all about.’s founder Brad takes readers through some experiments that might show you that both organically ranking and purchasing a keyword might be in your best interest afterall.


And while we’re on the subject of buying keywords, do you feel a bit constrained by your PPC budget? Do you feel like you could be making better use of your ad spend? Well you’re in luck because this PPC Hero post is for you: “PPC Budgets: Optimizing Accounts with Budget Constraints“. Among their suggestions are conducting a keyword bid audit, adjusting campaign budgets, viewing network segmentation, and referring to the opportunities tab. Even if you’re not feeling constrained, these exercises can help you get the most out of your PPC campaign budget for sure.


Some other posts that we really liked and wanted to share with you this week include:


TheNextWeb – “Dissecting Twitter” – read about Twitter’s current hold on the social media industry and the projections for its (seemingly bright) future. – “Display Ads for ROI: Hardest-Working Ads Online?” This is a great post for those looking to explore display ads (or who are frustrated by their display ads and feel like they should be working better for them). You may be surprised at the findings. – “How to Make an Ideal Link-Bait Web Page for your Site” For those who want to brush up on their SEO and help those PPC clicks convert to a sale, this article gives some great tips for making a punchy SEO page.


And last but not least, we have to give ourselves a little pat on the back here with our feature in PPCBlog. They did a review of BoostCTR’s services and were duly impressed with the results. Read their BoostCTR Review and find out how we did in their challenge of ‘PPC Ad Copy Survivor’.


That’s it for this week’s roundup. Thanks for reading and please continue to add your resources of the week if you have them! You can leave a comment here or catch up with us on Twitter. Have a great weekend!