Well, if you have visited our blog at all this week you’ll notice our big launch on Wednesday of our definitive list of the Best Copywriting Blogs for Marketing Copywriters and Content Developers! We combed the web for some great copywriting resources and we’re still happy to have any additional copywriting blogs if you’d like to add them over in the comments.


You can’t have copy without keywords though, at least online. This week, we found several keyword research-related blogs to offer in our weekly PPC roundup, and an assortment of other helpful resources to help you in your search engine pursuits.


First off, ViperChill.com has provided an extensive keyword research guide, covering everything from long-tail keywords to Google analytics. This post is a collection of a couple of different keyword research guides geared toward bloggers and affiliate marketers melded into one.


The Rimm-Kaufman group answers the question, “When should you delete a low traffic keyword?” in their post, discussing factors such as quality score and account age. You may find yourself thinking twice before deleting keywords with low clicks.


Speaking of clicks, Search Engine Watch brings us a post discussing Google’s new AdWords click count feature, and Mike Fleming of Search Engine Guide tells us that advertisers can no longer hide behind the click with Google Instant Preview.


Want to learn how to increase your PPC CTR? (I think I know the answer to that…) PPC Hero has some tips to help you, covering topics like copyright, dynamic keyword insertion, and more. In the Microsoft corner of the world, Microsoft Advertising blog writer Jenny Leahy shows us how to start with consumer insights when building paid, owned and earned marketing strategies.


And it wouldn’t be a proper roundup without some social media topics. Ion Interactive shares that social conversion is (now) real on their blog, showing how some recent software developments help to accurately track social interactions online. Search Engine Land compares Facebook’s ‘like’ feature with the new Google +1 button. And for some pre-weekend SEO tips, SEOMoz has you covered with 6 Essential Landing Page Optimizations.


That’s all for this week’s PPC roundup. Have any helpful articles you read this week that you’d like to pass along? Leave your suggestions in the comments!