It’s Summertime, and the livin’ is easy (or so they say). How has yours been so far?


Things were pretty quiet in Mountain View over the last week. In fact, in a departure from the norm, there were no blog posts on the AdWords blog for a whole work week, but we have a couple from the end of the prior week and the beginning of this that are useful.


From the Google Adwords blog on June 29th, Google gives advertisers an update on enhanced audience targeting on the display network using “flexible reach,” which now allows users to choose settings at the ad group level. The article says “when you select Broad reach, your ads are shown on pages that match your primary targeting method” and “when you select Specific reach, your ads will show on pages that match all of your targeting methods.”


And, though it’s a little last minute, the Google Webinar tomorrow: Choosing the right tool to manage online campaigns more efficiently looks pretty cool. You’ll get an overview of four tools — AdWords Editor, automated rules, AdWords scripts and DoubleClick Search plus some use cases to help you choose what works best for you. (You weren’t really expecting them to name 3rd party vendors, were you? :)


Search Engine Land’s 5 Tips to Fine Tune PPC Copy is a good refresher to improve CTR. Author Mona Elesseily reminds us to use “power words” and improve calls to action. What are your cardinal rules of ad copy for PPC?


Everyone loves a good infographic! Here’s a Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization by SEO Gadget. It’s useful and, in some parts, hilarious. We like this part of the “bad path”: Green Buttons Convert Better Than Red Ones. LOL. Enjoy!


Here’s an article about conversion optimization with a different slant from Search Engine Land:
How To Get Management Excited About Conversion Optimization. Author Brian Massey recommends using competitor intel to light a fire under your higher ups.


You can’t convert anyone without a proper landing page, and so, Hubspot offers up 13 Little Landing Page Tweaks that Can Make a BIG Difference.


We didn’t forget about Bing. Did you know that according to Hitwise: Bing Has Chipped Away 5 Percent Of Google’s Search Share Over Past Year?


Also, over at #bingyahoo central, Microsoft adCenter announces: Global Momentum Builds for the Search Alliance #bingyahoo. The announcement reveals that a recent addition to the adCenter network of three new countries “brings us to a total of nine countries globally: Austria, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Switzerland, UK, and the US.” This is likely to grow adCenter’s market share. Have you tried the new and improved platform in the US or abroad yet?


While we are in adCenter, Search Engine Land’s Why You’re Paying More For Your Brand Terms On Yahoo has author Mark Ballard explaining that “One of the biggest issues Yahoo should have foreseen with the Search Alliance was that Microsoft’s ad serving logic in adCenter was far more restrictive than Yahoo’s own system was at the time, as well as Google’s AdWords.” It looks like the search alliance is becoming more like Google in many different ways.


That’s all for now, folks!  Have a great week.