This week’s PPC landscape in the blogosphere took a few different forms – one main trend being media: both social media, and multimedia. We’ve also got a really great resource that’s been released by one of our favorite PPC blogs out there that we always love to feature in the weekly roundups. You don’t want to miss all of these tips, tricks, guides, and other information-rich articles we have for you this week!

Let’s start with the big unveiling:


PPC Hero has released the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Quality Score! Partnered with Hanapin Marketing, the folks at PPC Hero have had their noses to the grindstone for months preparing this invaluable resource for the search marketing community. With four chapters, each divided into multiple sections, the guide is comprehensive, easy to read, and, believe it or not, it’s completely free. Be sure to check it out!

Now onto the rest of this week’s PPC roundup:


Let’s start with our first type of media: video.


Have you been interested in refining your video marketing skills? Well, you’re in luck. Tina of Web SEO Analytics gives us the 10 Commandments of Video Marketing that are sure to help you remain in the right mindset when preparing to launch the next huge viral clip (or get some leads for your business).


How about social media?


Daily SEO Tip also has some social media advice in their Facebook Marketing Tactics and Tips article.


Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land elaborates on how being “friends” on Google+ leads to better rankings. Do we smell a new marketing strategy for Google? Quite possibly, though if you’re not connected as friends, rankings are different. Looks like Google’s mysterious ways will continue to keep us search marketers on our toes, with social search heading the line.


Can’t get enough Google+ buzz? Mashable offers 7 Ways Google+ Users are Getting More out of their Circles.


And our last media type: images, namely, infographics.


Elisa Gabbert at WordStream presents us with a great infographic outlining a Google AdWords Campaign Reorganization Roadmap, helping you to decide whether it’s time to reorganize your campaign, and the steps to take to get you there without pulling out your hair.


Some other great articles we came across this week:


Are you a small business using PPC to help boost your sales? This will surely help you — Pay Per Click for SMB Part 10 – Negative Match Types from the Microsoft Advertising blog.


EConsultancy provides a tutorial on interpreting results from ClickTale, a tool that provides you with heat maps and videos to figure out how your visitors are using and navigating your website.


Need a quick PPC keyword boost? Search Engine Watch offers 5 Tips for Selecting PPC Keywords.


Don’t fall into a link building pit. Avoid link building mistakes with this “Link Building Mistakes” slideshare presentation from Seer Interactive.


Feeling confused about the way SEO and PPC affect one another? Good news from Search Engine Land – PPC Ads do NOT Cannibalize your Organic Traffic.


If you’ve suffered the cold shoulder from Google and you didn’t deserve it, Tiffany Oberoi from Google has some helpful advice for approaching reconsideration requests.


Last but not least, TechCrunch brings us a story that almost doesn’t seem possible – Google’s new service: “Page Speed Service”, offers to rewrite webpages instantly, offering up to 60% speed improvements. The service will start free for a small testing pool, and then become a ‘competitively priced’ paid service. What do you think of that?


That’s all for this week’s roundup! Have a great weekend and as always, leave a comment with your own post if we didn’t include it!