As you can probably guess by the title, we’re not about to let this week’s roundup slip by without discussing Google’s Big Announcement about Google Analytics, since this change impacts PPC advertisers in a big way.


In case you missed it, Google announced earlier this week that it will be introducing SSL encrypted search as the default way users logged into their Google accounts will search the web, thereby changing the level of information that Google Analytics users get for organic traffic. While they’ll still get to see a visitor count for organic visits, they will no longer get to see the keywords that brought visitors to their site or page.


So if you’ve been relying on Google Analytics as a key component of your keyword research process…I’m afraid this isn’t exactly great news. Google, however, will still be recording everyone’s data, SSL or not. They’re just sharing it more selectively. As you can imagine, lots of bloggers are up in arms this week.


But Google wasn’t done with announcements this week. They also announced that search ads will now appear in mobile apps. This is great news for developers looking to grow business in the mobile market. These custom search ads allow ad designers to change the look and feel of ads as well as placement. PPC Hero has all of the details in their post so if mobile marketing is in your strategy, definitely take a look!


HubSpot comes to search marketers’ aid this week in their post “How to Diagnose and Heal a Poorly Converting Landing Page“. They offer five key ways to get that landing page back on its feet: 1. Align your message, 2. Clearly communicate action, 3. Remove competing elements, 4. Test form lengths, and 5. Offer security.


Search Engine Watch is never short on great content covering every facet of search marketing. Learn how to join forces in your own company with their post “How to Build a Great SEM Team“. Putting it into a sports-like analogy, author Dave Ragals shows you how to create your star line-up by understanding what positions you need to fill, what skills and experience are needed, and the importance of a great ‘coach’ (or in this case, manager).


Think you’ve gotten your hands on every nifty PPC tool you can find already? Well… there’s a chance you might have missed this one, as author Chris Marentis points out in his Search Engine People post – “Do You Know About the YouTube Keyword Tool?“. Similar to the Google AdWords keyword tool, the YouTube keyword tool lets you customize and refine your searching by pulling suggestions from YouTube video URLs, demographics, or descriptions. Whether you’re an active YouTube user or not, this tool’s use definitely expands beyond streaming video.


Overdrive Interactive shows us how “Social Media + Search Marketing + Online Media = Success” on their blog this week, helping readers understand strategic ways to blur the lines between these different marketing outlets to make their strategy work more cohesively and efficiently.


Think the meta keywords tag is dead? Well, it might not be… if you’re a spammer, that is. According to Search Engine Land’s article “The Meta Keywords Tag Lives at Bing & Why Only Spammers Should Use It” says that Bing uses the meta keywords tag, but as a means for flagging spammers, not improving rank. Find out more about the tag-that-will-not-die and find out if you’re helping or hurting yourself by using it.


To wrap up this week’s round up, want some quick, effective tips for improving your Quality Score? Search Engine Journal’s got ’em in their post “8 Tips to Improve Quality Scores“.


That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!