We made it to 2012! And if you’re reading this, that means you did, too. This week’s PPC roundup is ready to help you hit the ground running with search in 2012. From some predictions for where search and social media are headed this year, to tried and true tricks to help you feel prepared for the year ahead, there’s sure to be something for everyone as we roam the SEO and PPC blog landscape during the first week of the new year.


Let’s start with some predictions for how the year 2012 will unfold for search.


2012 Predictions for the Search Marketer


It’s the year of the dragon, but according to George Popstefanov, Founder of Performance Media Group and author at Search Engine Land, it just may also be the Year of the Independent Search Marketer. “In 2012 and beyond, smaller advertisers will have many of the same opportunities as Fortune 1000 companies.” says Popstefanov. “In many cases, they will actually have the advantage. How could that be? Well, SEM has evolved in terms of targeting, type of ads you can serve, social media, etc.” By being closer to the consumer, taking advantage of social/local/mobile search, being perceptive and avoiding long, drawn-out internal approval processes and other red tape in the face of an outreach opportunity, smaller independent businesses just might have the leg up in 2012. What do you think?


2012 Predictions for Social Media


Search Engine Watch author Erez Barak offers the Top 5 Trends for Search and Social Media Marketing in 2012. Some highlights of this list include using customers and employees as extended members of companies’ marketing teams, capitalizing on the ‘daily deals’ craze that has websites like Bloomspot and Groupon dominating SERPs, and exploring Social CRM. Check out the article to find out the rest and add some of your own predictions!


Social Media Examiner provides 30 Social Media Precitions for 2012 from the Pros on their blog this week. They tapped into the social media expertise of 30 different search and social media professionals to come up with a great list of predictions including things like apps helping with content overload, rising competition on Google+, YouTube taking a significant leap, and more branded Facebook apps.


Unlikely 2012 Predictions in Search


Not all search marketing predictions for 2012 are met as enthusiastically and optimistically as the articles we’ve just described. Duncan Parry on Search Engine Watch offers a tongue-in-cheek title for his predictions in his article, “5 Things That Should Happen in Digital in 2012 – But Probably Won’t“. He covers competing search engines, client/specialist relationships, and upper level management embracing the digital age. Do you agree with his predictions of ‘wishful thinking’, and do you think they might actually come to fruition?


Other 2012 Search Marketing Trends and Training


With several marketers touting YouTube as a power player for 2012 in the Social Media Examiner survey outlined above, we had to make sure to include some online video predictions in this week’s PPC roundup. Greg Jarboe offers his predictions for video marketing trends in 2012, predicting that YouTube will command an even higher percentage of online video viewing at Google Sites (it’s already at 99%), and encouraging video creators to capitalize on ‘tent-pole programming’ (releasing content themed around tent-pole events like holidays or other major events). Jarboe admits it’s tough to predict exactly where online video is headed, but it’s definitely growing and changing and it will be interesting to see how things unfold.


Are you a search marketer who’s had trouble conveying the value and importance of what you do and how you do it to clients or potential customers? Search Engine Journal has compiled some great questions with supporting data points to coincide with an infographic in their post “Data to Help your Clients Strategize in 2012“. The infographic, released by go-globe.com, highlights all of the different things that occur in 60 seconds on the web. So the next time a client pushes back about investing in some professional video marketing, you can let them know there are over 600 new videos published on YouTube every 60 seconds and see how they envision standing out without one.


Looking for some more nuanced tips and tricks for the new year? Rand Fishkin over at SEOMoz has some helpful hints for anchor text that you might never have considered before in his video post “All About Anchor Text – Whiteboard Friday“. For those who prefer to read instead of watch a video, it’s all transcribed right there on the page for you as well.


And last but not least, a scare tactic for 2012 (you know there had to be at least one!). PPC Hero brings us “The Single Biggest Mistake You Can Make in PPC“. I don’t know about you, but it sounds pretty ominous and if you read the article to find out what it is, you could save yourself from a whole lot of trouble with your PPC campaign. Actually, you can take this Big Mistake and apply it to many areas of your life to ensure a safer, more profitable and productive 2012. So make sure you have a look and aren’t falling victim to this potential PPC peril!


That’s it for this week’s PPC roundup, the first of 2012! If you have any resources to add or questions to ask, catch up with us on Twitter or leave a comment below. Have a great weekend!