It’s hard to believe the year is nearly over! As we coast into 2012, here are some great PPC and other search marketing resources to help your business start the new year off with confidence:
PPC Hero is ready to help you gear up for 2012 with their post “Your Competition is Set to Crush You in 2012“. Author Jeff Allen says “2012 is set to be a record year for many businesses that rely on PPC, but there is only so much room at the top. The competition is going to get tough(er), so you are going to have to be smarter.” (But that won’t be a problem for you because you’ve been following our weekly roundups, right? : ) )
In the rest of the article, Jeff points out the ways in which your competition is on the ball in a creative way to inspire you to get those fighting gloves on and get in the ring for 2012! Definitely some solid advice here.
Did you have any PPC predictions for 2011, and did they come true? Shawn Livengood of PPC Without Pity takes a look back on the outcome of his predictions in his post “Checking Back on 2011’s PPC Predictions“. His 3 major predictions: PPC effort increases, although spending does not; Microsoft makes significant improvements to AdCenter to compete better with Google; and Facebook PPC gets big. How’d he do? Read the post to find out the conclusions.
Another ‘year in review’ post comes to us from Elisa Gabbert over at the WordStream blog. In her post, “Year in Review: A Look at What Happened in Search in 2011“, Elisa takes us on the journey of some of the more notable posts she encountered throughout 2011. Some highlights include Google’s Panda Update, the Google Analytics interface update, Netflix’s ‘brand suicide’, Google’s organic keyword data cover and more.
It wouldn’t be a new year without some resolutions!
WordStream’s Larry Kim provides his set of New Year’s Resolutions in his Search Engine Journal article “A PPC Marketer’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2012“. At first glance, you might think “Quit smoking? Lose weight? Wait, these are regular New Year’s resolutions.” but look closely and you’ll see that Larry’s creatively tied them all into effectively improving your PPC campaigns.
Derek Edmond of KoMarketing Associates and writer for Search Engine Land shares some of his resolutions as well in his post “5 B2B Search Engine Marketing Resolutions for 2012“. In his post he elaborates on the following resolutions:

  1. Track More Leads
  2. Integrate Lead Management
  3. Invest in Content Marketing
  4. Bridge Organizational Departments
  5. Start Taking Mobile Seriously

What’s on your list?
Speaking of taking mobile more seriously, Search Engine Watch’s Michael Martin takes us through some 2012 predictions in his post “Search & Mobile Marketing Trends: SEO Apocolypse 2012“. He says there will be “four horsemen” of a 2012 SEO apocalypse and they will be carrying mobile devices, outlining the four horsemen as QR codes, Voice, Fragmentation, and Personalization. Are you feeling prepared to start 2012 in the ‘Web 3.0′ realm?
Also looking to the future, Marcus Taylor’s article for Social Media Explorer shares his thoughts on The Future of How Google+ Will Impact Search Rankings. In his findings, Google “+1″s have had a positive effect on search engine rankings, but with so many changes in the time since its launch, and with changes continuing as we speak, it’s hard to know exactly what to expect in 2012. Throughout the article, Marcus shares his insight on the ways in which different aspects of using Google+ will be impacting rankings for the coming year.
Looking to do some reading off-screen for your PPC management in 2012? TopRank’s online marketing blog provides a great 2012 Internet Marketing reading list for those looking to pick up an Internet Marketing book (or download one to their e-reader) in 2012. Separated by category such as social media and B2B Marketing, there’s something for every Internet Marketing professional for the new year.
Lastly, ring in the new year safely and happily with a little help from some New Year’s Eve apps that Search Engine Journal has rounded up! From preventing that regretted New Year’s Eve text to making sure you have a safe ride home, or keeping track of your growing list of resolutions, this list is sure to have some helpful ways to make sure that your start to 2012 is the best it can be.