The title says it all!  We haven’t eaten a Twinkie since 6th grade, so we are okay.  Hope you are too. If not, here is some delicious, no calorie PPC news from the past week!


First, from Google….


The AdWords blog was super full of information this week.  Check out this article which is a cross post from the DoubleClick blog and will help you get your AdWords ramped up for the holidays.  The guide includes:

  • Top 2012 holiday trends and recommendations
  • Automating Your Workflow
  • Display remarketing from search ads
  • Performance Bidding Suite
  • and more!


Just in time to make all of these holiday tweaks, Google announces AdWords Editor 9.9 is now available.  Get it while it’s hot!  New features include Google Display network updates, import/export improvements, and more.


We think this is less for advertisers and more for shoppers, but the article Deck the halls with tools for shopping outlines some of the cool features you can use within Google Shopping to make your holiday shopping easier.


Most of us have dealt with or at least thought of bid automation tools for our PPC Campaigns.  This coming Monday, Google will have a webinar on this very topic.  You can learn more about it here.


In Google Shopping goes global you can get details about how when and where Google Shopping will be rolling out in other countries.


In Get local in time for the holidays and beyond you can get the skinny on new local targeting options for Google AdWords.  These include airport targeting (!), showing location extensions and sitelinks together (!), larger maps, better reporting, and more!


Finally from Mountain View (again the title says it all): AdWords for Business Credit – Now More Availability in the US.


Now, from Bing land….


Bing also has some local paid search advice. You probably already know how to do this via AdWords, but now learn how to exclude locations within a location in Bing Ads How-To: Use Location Exclusions to Hide Your Ads From People Who Aren’t in Your Target Audience.


Not surprisingly, Bing ALSO has some advice for holiday PPC campaigns.  Check out Find New Holiday Keywords Using Bing Ads Intelligence Templates and learn how to use these new templates to maximize your keywords for the upcoming months.


Finally, from all around the web….


Multi-channel attribution is the new black (or something).  Learn how some other smart people do this in A Look At Cross-Domain Search & Conversion.


Not everyone is happy with the new Google Shopping experience.  See one person’s take here.


Yahoo! Bing Network Rolls Out to 13 New Countries announces the partnership’s expansion into seven new markets in Europe and six in Latin America.


Everyone loves these stats – even non-search marketers!  Check out the latest Most Expensive Keyword data here.  Mesothelioma continues to lead the pack!


That’s it for this week.  Everyone, enjoy your weekend and stock up on Twinkies if that’s your thing!