Our Facebook walls and twitter feeds are pretty quiet as of late.  And, our TVs are less inundated with mudslinging ads!  WHATEVER shall we do?  Besides breathing a collective sigh of relief, we can take this peace and quiet as an opportunity to brush up on the latest PPC news!


First, from Google….


Hopefully you got the memo in several of our past weekly updates that historical Impression Share reports would no longer be available as of this past week.  We downloaded all of our reports, did you?  At any rate, the reason these reports are no longer available is to make way for improvements to the feature, including:  distinct search and display columns, “hour of day” segmentation, filters, charts, and rules, and (our favorite) accuracy!  Check out the full announcement here.


Do you use AdWords to increase the number of app downloads for yourself or a client?  If so, this article gives some good ideas for maximizing reach with search and display ads and maximizing conversions with the Conversion Optimizer.  If you aren’t advertising your apps, you may want to consider it as the post says that “during the week following Christmas last year, searches for “best tablet apps” rose by more than 70%.”  You can access a past Google webinar on how to drive cost-effective app downloads here.


Bulk editing is coming to the AdWords interface!  It’s rolling out to a limited number of users to test and collect feedback.  Google says that there will be other tweaks to the interface to eliminate any redundancies.  Check out the full post to see a list of the changes you’ll be able to make, along with some examples.


Google Tag Manager is “a free tool that makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags—including conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing and more—with just a few clicks.”  If you want to figure out how to best use this for your own campaigns, and for Google Analytics, check out this webinar on the Tag Manager coming next week.  You can also check out a case study on how one organization successfully implemented it here.


Now, from bing ads…


The Opportunities feature has moved to the Campaigns pages.  It will appear as a tab next to the ad extensions.  Now you’ll be able to “quickly review customized bid, budget, and keyword suggestions for your account.”  Read more about it here.


Here is a post on the top toys in the UK and how to optimize campaigns for them this holiday season.  Here is another really useful post about optimizing Ad campaigns for different verticals in the US.


bing now joins Google in offering bid recommendations.  The article drives home the point that ad position is extremely important to CTR by highlighting a study that says “85% of clicks happen in the mainline location and 13% in the sidebar location”.


bing HAS been super busy rolling out improvements and changes, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t kept up.  Here is a rundown of all the changes that happened in bing ads over the past month to bring you up to speed!


And, from elsewhere around the web…..


5 Quick Fixes To AdWords Default Campaign Options – This article recommends first choosing the all features option in the account tab, so all of the options recommended are visible.  In keyword matching the author recommends selecting do not include close variants, choosing rotate indefinitely in ad rotation options, and more.  See more recommendations and rationale in the article itself.


Study: Google Search Share Slips Below 90% In The UK In October – This is the first time it’s happened in the last 5 years in the UK.  Check out the article to see who the winners are.


Finally, find answers to The Most Frequently Asked Questions In Search Retargeting including where do you get the search data, what effect does Google’s SSL have, how does this differ from site retargeting, is it the responsibility of search or display, can it scale, and more.  This is a great article that really fills in the gaps.


That’s it for this week’s edition.  Have a great weekend!