Welcome to another PPC weekly roundup! This week’s PPC roundup is all about optimizing – optimizing your PPC campaign, that is! We’ve found a bunch of resources from the Web this week to help you get the most out of your campaign for the amount of budget and time you’re able to spend on it.


Let’s start out with an advanced PPC post from our friends over at PPC Hero about Optimizing Per-Visit Value. PPC Hero blogger Jeff Allen helps readers see the value they’re really creating per visit through the following equation: PVV = revenue generated / clicks. How do you determine your ideal PVV? How can you create custom CPA goals once you have it established? Find out these answers and more in the rest of the article here.


How about optimizing images for search engines? Pamela Vaughan over at the Hubspot blog is ready to help your images get ‘seen’ by more than just site visitors in her post “A Marketer’s Guide to Optimizing Images for Google Search”. Pamela shows readers how to capitalize on the ‘visual content revolution’ and demonstrates not only how to optimize your images, but also describes how Google ‘reads’ images and categorizes them to help you better understand the behind-the-scenes work after you upload.


Next up, let’s have a look at optimizing your strategy for links. Patrick Hathaway’s post on Search Engine People offers several helpful linkbait ideas for small business owners with a focus on finding your target audience and catering directly to their interests. He uses a few examples to showcase how to do this well. Be sure to have a look!


Search Engine Journal’s Mike Nelson offers optimization tips for opportunities in his blog post “Creating an “Opportunity Report” – PPC”. Whether you’re a PPC expert or just beginning to learn the ropes, Mike’s step-by-step instructions for creating your own “Opportunity Report” will provide you with “an accurate, detailed view of your account performance”, and help highlight the quickest ways to improve it.


Speaking of optimizing PPC strategy, Ryan Moothart of Portent Interactive has some tried and true tips for overall PPC management optimization in his blog post “The 3 Most Important Lessons I’ve learned as a PPC Strategist”. His top 3 lessons: capture qualified traffic, aim high but don’t over-promise, and say yes in the ‘right way’. Find out how these three lessons can help shape your campaign optimization strategy and read the full article here!


Optimize your personal brand with this article from Kevin Gibbons on Search Engine Watch – “6 Ways to Boost Your Rankings Using Google Authorship”. Kevin gives some great tips for building your personal brand, setting up Google Authorship for your websites, and how to maintain your brand identity and reinforce what you’ve built by interacting with influencers in your niche.


Speaking of influencers, WordStream released their Internet Marketing 150 this week, with a handy infographic mapping out the results by category. Did you make the list? If you’re looking to make more connections in the search space or even if you’re just curious about the top social media management platforms, SEO tools, or other categories included in the list, be sure to check it out.


And lastly, you didn’t think we could get through the weekly PPC round up this week without mentioning Google’s Penguin update, did you? The Penguin update, launched April 24, has a lot of marketers up in arms (it wouldn’t be a Google update without a healthy dose of uproar!). Find out what it was, how to deal with it if you’ve been targeted, and how this relates to the most recent Panda update in this post by Danny Sullivan on Search Engine Land – “Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips & Advice”.


That’s all for this week’s PPC roundup! Thanks for reading and if you have any resources that you’d like to add, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or catch up with us on twitter. Have a great weekend!