As you may have read in the earlier post on our blog this week, it was a big week for WordStream, who released their AdWords Performance Grader tool to the masses. With the release of this new resource to help users manage and improve their campaign performance, we thought what better theme for this week’s PPC roundup than paid search campaign performance?


The following blog posts from this week should help PPC managers, both beginner and advanced, to get more out of their campaigns with useful tips, tools, and advice from some of the Web’s top PPC resources.


While we’re talking about PPC tools, let’s turn our attention first to Search Engine Journal’s post “3 Great AdWords Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of!“. Author Chris Thunder covers the following search marketing tools with pros and cons for each: Microsoft Advertising Intelligence, Tenscores Manual Bid Optimizer, and Jumbo Keyword Editor. If you’re not familiar with these tools, be sure to check out the post!


Let’s move on to some keyword research tips. author Ron Jones published his post “Leveraging Keyword Research for Digital Asset Optimization“. What is digital asset optimization, exactly? Ron describes it thusly: “traditional SEO focuses on optimizing text content and DAO expands the net to all types of non-text assets such as images, video, PDFs, podcasts, blogs, RSS, and other type assets. Most of these are social media related.” If you’re looking to find out more about combining SEO with social media optimization through keywords, this is the post for you.


For another advanced take on keyword research, Search Engine Land published their post “Advanced Negative Strategies for Improved Paid Search Performance: Part II” (part 1 is here). Post author David Fishman elaborates on the topic of ‘match type silos’, avoiding the ‘broad match trap’, using plurals, and using negative keywords and continuing to be scalable.


Next up: ad writing tips. PPC Hero always gives readers valuable information and this week’s Whaddya’Know Wednesday post was no different, focusing on 6 tips for writing successful PPC ads. At just shy of two minutes long, this video packs some really helpful tips into a fraction of a coffee break.


And what about social media, namely, blogging? Okay, it’s not exactly paid search performance, but it can be a big part of your success, especially if your paid ads direct your audience to a landing page on your blog. offers three ways to get a corporate blog off the ground, providing three alternative methods for companies to dip their toes into the blogging pool without suffering the common blunders of early-blog burnout, lack of updates, or lack of dedicated blogging resources.


Other posts we came across this week that we thought you might enjoy:


State Of Search – “Be Careful Choosing WordPress Plugins: They Could Kill Your Rankings“. With WordPress being such a widely used content management and blogging platform, this article is a must-read.


Search Engine Watch – “Lost & Found: Ripoff Report back on Google, but Would Your Website Be So Lucky?” This article offers some advice about permissions and the power of Google Webmaster Tools, centered around a peculiar case of de-indexing and re-indexing of a popular website.


Search Engine Land – “How B2B SEO Fits Into Lead Management Optimization“. KoMarketing’s Derek Edmond sums the article up nicely by saying “he more aligned B2B SEO is with overall marketing strategy, the more valuable SEO becomes to the entire B2B organization”.


Single Grain – “Killer Internal Linking Strategies for SEO“. This post covers topics like link depth and breadth, strategic use of breadcrumbs, and page names.


Raven Tools – “21 PPC Articles to Bookmark Now“. From PPC tools to ad writing techniques and back again, this is a great list of resources, and we recognize a few of the items from our own roundup in there as well! Be sure to take a look.


That’s it for this week’s roundup. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!