How are those PPC New Year’s resolutions holding up? Right about this time of year, we start slipping on the things we were meaning to get to. For you, maybe it was amping up your mobile marketing, learning more about DKI, or finally figuring out how best to outsource your PPC needs so you can free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. Whatever the case, we have some great PPC resources for you this week to help you regain control and focus on those promises you made for the new year, and perhaps inspire some new ones!


Let’s start with dynamic keyword insertion (DKI). Search Engine Journal offers up 9 Things You Might Not Know About DKI this week, with highlights such as the fact that it doesn’t work with sitelinks, doesn’t help your quality score, and what match type it works best with.


Next up, let’s have a look at the mobile market. Are you still shying away from really getting a command on your mobile PPC plan? Matt Lawson at Search Engine Land has some help with his post “Preparing Your Search Program for Mobile in 2012“. He takes readers through the process from assessing mobile presence, to allocating assets, building your account’s structure and sculpting your campaigns with mobile in mind, and PPC bidding strategies for the mobile environment.


Now let’s turn our attention to hand-me-downs…by the way of inherited PPC campaigns, that is. PPC Hero has realized that there hasn’t been any real guide out there to help professionals who are inheriting existing PPC accounts. Their “Ultimate Guide to Inheriting PPC Accounts” addresses how to optimize a pre-existing PPC account quickly yet carefully, showing you how to avoid causing unwanted backfire from making too many changes too quickly or otherwise hindering the campaign’s performance.


How about search metrics? Jason Tabeling of Search Engine Watch introduces us to 3 Underused Search Metrics, including Ad Group Impression Share, Top vs. Other, and Device-Level Reporting. Do you currently make use of these three metrics? If not, be sure to take a look and find some new ways to help your campaigns’ performance.


Perhaps your resolution involved finding the right way to outsource your PPC this year, but maybe you’ve been delaying it because other things have gotten in the way, or perhaps you don’t quite feel ready to just yet. ClickZ author Kevin Lee shares his supporting argument with 9 Reasons to Outsource PPC Search Marketing. He highlights some of the most common excuses companies use when talking themselves out of outsourcing PPC, and then offers 9 reasons why the benefits outweigh the excuses by a long shot.


Okay, you’ve probably clicked through to a couple of these articles so far, but is your PPC campaign still feeling out of shape? Mona Elesseily offers up her 5 Ways to Give Your PPC Account a Kick in the Butt. Among her strageties: geographic targeting, call tracking, and ad scheduling. Read on to find out how to make use of these and two other PPC strategies.


Well that’s all for this week’s PPC roundup! Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave your own resources in the comments or catch up with us on twitter. Have a great weekend!