Some temperature records were broken in the Boston area yesterday, and we’re still recovering.  Thank heavens for A/C, though, and for the coming weekend! Let’s start off with some conversion optimization to get the ball rolling.


We’ve all been there; you can drive the best PPC traffic in the world to a client (or your own) website, but what happens if the visitor lands on a page that is not only confusing, but actually deters conversion actions?!?  Search Engine Land presents 3 Common Landing Page Flops To Avoid to help avoid this dilemma.  Author Mona Elesseily presents three things to avoid in detail including: unclear calls to action, too many form fields, and bad images. What else would you add to this list?


While we’re on the topic of landing pages, Identifying and Fixing Your Worst Landing Pages
is a good article to figure out how to use Analytics metrics to identify poor performers. Author Rob Millard likes to look at bounce rate, navigation summary, and conversion rates.


If you are looking to go a little (or a lot) deeper with Analytics the article GA Advocate Justin Cutroni Answers Your Analytics Questions from the Google Analytics blog is good for you. It’s in Q&A format with some pretty advanced topics.


PPCHero is also using Analytics data to improve mobile PPC campaigns in 7 Analytics Reports To Get You Thinking About Your Mobile PPC Campaigns


PPC hits the mainstream with Is Click Fraud A Ticking Time Bomb Under Google? in Forbes. Basically, Google says that click fraud accounts for less than 2% of clicks, which the article says is “$200,000,000 of third party Web site fraud. This is a huge theft from advertisers everywhere. $200,000,000 is drug baron scale criminality.”  Click Forensics puts the number closer to 19%!!!  You do the math. It will be interesting to see if this story gets more traction and how advertisers react..


Looking to expand?  Search Engine People’s How to Improve AdWords Performance with Sitelinks explains sitelinks in general and then talks about how Google displays enhanced sitelinks based on other ads in your AdWords account. This really expands the level of potential ad real estate to a whole new level.


If you are newer to PPC, HubSpot offers up a soup to nuts article A Simple Guide for Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign, which is a pretty comprehensive look at getting started in AdWords. Along the same lines, the third installment of the “AdWords Examples” series from Google is up – AdWords Examples – Right ads to the right user.  As we mentioned last week, the series is for beginners, but it’s fun to see what kinds of examples Google uses in each installment – this one uses lava lamps. The article is mostly focused on how to use the destination and display url functions.


Finally, Google AdWords had a webinar a few days ago, Bringing the power and control of search to display that covered the benefits of combining display with your search campaigns, step-by-step campaign set-up guide, and campaign optimization tips and best practices.
You can see current and past webinars from Google here.


With that, I wish you a wonderful weekend!