With Columbus Day this week, it seemed only fitting to have this week’s PPC roundup feature the theme of discovery in the world of search. Perhaps you’ve already made your voyage to SEM stardom, or maybe you’re just starting to chart things out. Whatever state you’re at, there are sure to be some resources in this week’s roundup to help you along on your PPC journey.


Let’s start with keyword discovery. When it comes to PPC ads, your keywords are like your compass — you’re lost without them! Learn how to find and make use of the right keywords for you with these posts:


How to Do Multilingual Keyword Research – Search Engine People author and translation services professional Talha Fazlani helps readers broaden their horizons and learn how to use built-in tools like Google’s Insights for Search and the AdWords Keyword Tool to analyze multilingual keywords.


How to Take Your Keyword Research to a Higher Level – Tom Schmitz of Portent Interactive writes this helpful guide on Search Engine Land to help get your keyword research strategy in gear – highlighting the relationship between brand/topic awareness, lead generation, and search.


Next we’ll move onto discovering new marketing techniques for your Internet Marketing strategy:


The Art, Science, and Common Sense of Marketing – sometimes discoveries are really re-discoveries. In this article, Anna Maria Virzi shows readers how rediscovering your company or your own sense of self and channeling that transparently to your readership is so important, and how to combine that with a deep knowledge of your customers’ wants and needs to really improve your ROI.


Is the Main Ingredient Missing from your Content Marketing? – Barry Feldman’s guest post at Vertical Measures helps readers identify whether their marketing programs need to discover an important missing ingredient — a professional copywriter.


Discovering Tricks and Tools for Automation:


How I found 400 Qualified Link Prospects in 8 Minutes – Discovering new tools to help you optimize your PPC and SEO strategies are always welcome, right? Well this post hightlights a tool that will help you automate the link discovery process.


5 Cool Twitter Search Tricks to Monitor What People are Saying About You – Discover “the truth” with these 5 tricks put forth by Ann Smarty, complete with step by step instructions and screenshots.


Discovering Alternatives to Your Usual Routine:


Happy Reholidays — Three Ways to Use Remarketing This Holiday Season – Discover a new way to approach your campaigns this year with some remarketing tips from Search Engine Journal’s Glenn Gabe. Glenn helps quell your remarketing concerns and get you on the fast track to a profitable holiday season online.


How I Manage a PPC Account Without Google AdWords – Yup, you read that title correctly. And it’s possible! Read more in this PPC Hero article and find out what alternatives the author has tried in order to discover some alternatives to Google AdWords for PPC campaign management.


Do you have any big discoveries you made this week with your search campaign? We’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below and tell us what you’ve discovered to be a key in your PPC strategy this year.