This week’s PPC roundup is inspired by a post by Ryan Moothart at Portent Interactive called The Yin and Yang of PPC — Search Network Campaigns vs. Display Network Campaigns. He outlines the five keys to each type of campaign and shows how both are quite different, yet work together to create PPC harmony.


As we went through an assortment of search-related goodies from SEO and PPC experts this week, we realized there was actually quite a variety of content out there in all different areas of Internet marketing, and they all balance each other as part of a cohesive ‘plan of attack’. Read on for a sampling of this week’s tips and tricks for getting the most out of a balanced search marketing strategy.


We start with the ever popular landing page. The experts at Search Engine Journal this week dish out some great advice for applying landing page best practices to boost conversions. Covering tips like choosing the proper layout, keeping key points above the fold, and minimizing the number of links, this article will get you thinking not only about landing pages, but other marketing efforts you have in place.


Speaking of other marketing efforts, here is a topic we don’t often cover on the Boost blog – email marketing. Much like PPC, you want your readers to click and convert. The tricky part is getting them to act instead of pass your content by. offers their tips for how to create emails with a 47.8% open rate and a 23.8% click rate. That may sound too good to be true, but try these tips for yourself and see if they give your CTR a lift!


Stoney DeGeyter of Search Engine Guide shows his balanced search marketing background in his post: Why Your PPC Campaigns are Like the Stock Market and Careful Management of Your ‘Portfolio’ Matters. He discusses his background in SEO as well as the strengths of PPC in its measurability and flexibility.


ClickZ brings an assortment of PPC tips in their post: Back to School PPC: A+ Tips and Expansion Ideas. From keyword research to ad creative, this post is sure to give you some tips to carry forward with you this year, even if you’re not a student.


Our last post comes from Clix Marketing (not to be confused with ClickZ!), with a bit more of an in-depth look at some PPC techniques in their post Using Conversion Funnels to Improve Your Conversion Rate. With helpful screenshots and clear directions, this post offers a tutorial for anyone looking to gain a bit more insight (and use it to better their campaigns) with PPC management.


That’s it for this week’s roundup. Please feel free to comment with your own posts about any of the topics you’ve read about here, and we’ll see you next week.