This week’s PPC roundup brings you some important tools and techniques for measuring the success of your PPC campaigns and your overall Internet marketing presence with a focus on social media.


Whether you’ve been working hard at your social media presence for years or if you’re just starting out with a blog or Facebook, you’re sure to find some insight here to help you optimize your social media efforts (and find out if you may be relying on them a bit too much).


Our first helpful resource comes from KISSmetrics’ blog post “How to Increase Traffic with Social A/B Testing”. While you may think this isn’t immediately related to PPC, think again. Having a solid, engaging social presence gives more people the opportunity to find you, to click through to your site, and most importantly, to convert into paying customers. So how do you optimize your “public face?” Read the post to learn the four cardinal rules of social optimization and how to put them into practice in the three phases of social optimization.


Speaking of social optimization, Search Engine Journal’s Evan Fishkin of Slingshot SEO talks about social traction and analyzing the value of efforts made to increase followers/likes/shares/you name it in his post “Social Cookie Monster”.


Search Engine Land’s Kelsey Jones asks a question that seems almost too easy for business owners to overlook: “Is Your Business Too Reliant on Social Media?” With so much information out there for optimizing Twitter, networking on Facebook, making the most out of LinkedIn, blogging, sharing, social bookmarking, you name it,… if anything, business owners are worrying they’re not relying on social media enough! But Kelsey helps bring readers back down to earth, offering some honest reasons why relying on social media doesn’t always mean good things for your business.


Moving away from social media, here are some other great articles we came across this week that we wanted to share with you:


Search Engine Watch: Learn some strategic tips for optimizing your PPC ads with different match types in Mark Poirier’s article, “Advanced PPC Optimization tips for adCenter: Bidding by Match Type”.


SEOMoz: “10 Ugly SEO Tools that Actually Rock” They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when you’re beholding some stellar search engine rankings and conversion rates, chances are, you’re not going to care too much that the tools that helped you achieve those results weren’t super pretty. Have a look at these humble-in-appearance but effective SEO tools to see if you’re already making use of them!


WordStream: Elisa brings us the second installation of the series “AdWords Experts Share the Secrets of Their PPC Success” with an interview with Dutch agency Compass Online Marketing co-owner Stefan van Vliet. Find out Stefan’s PPC techniques that work well for him and keep your eyes peeled for more great posts like these on the WordStream blog.


Search Engine Land: “3 Approaches to Scaling Conversion Optimization” This article digs into three key areas—testing multi-purpose post-click experiences, optimizing dedicated landing pages, and targeting serendipitous content and offers. “These different approaches aren’t mutually exclusive”, says author Scott Brinker and CTO of ion interactive. “With more traffic headed your way, and a plethora of marketing technologies available for each of these approaches, your conversion optimization programs have a bright future ahead.”


That’s it for this week’s PPC roundup! Have a great weekend and as always, if you have some resources to add to our list, please leave a comment or send us a Tweet!