The search marketing blogosphere this week really seemed to be zeroing in on social media – from tips on how to make better use of Facebook’s timeline layout to getting a better handle on Google+ for businesses, it was hard to find a site not offering some help for using social media to boost business.


With the line between social media and marketing growing blurrier and blurrier, and with the power of Facebook ad campaigns and other search/social combinations at marketers’ fingertips, we’ve gathered a handful of helpful posts for you this week to help you not only with your PPC, but with the social aspect of your marketing strategy as well.

First things first: are you using Facebook ads to market your business?


Hopefully the hard evidence in our Wins of the Week have convinced you to give it a try. But perhaps you’re not experiencing the positive performance you were hoping for. If so, have a read through this article on Search Engine Journal – “Top 10 Reasons Your Facebook Campaign Isn’t Working“. Writing and designing Facebook ads, just like any PPC ad, is an art as much as a science. Are you falling victim to any of the Facebook Faux Pas in the list?

Let’s look at another aspect of social media – blogging


Blogs continue to thrive (and many continue to be abandoned), but maybe you’re not sure that your blog is really helping your business. Should you continue to blog or focus your effort on other things? Search Engine Journal comes through again with their article “7 Reasons Why Blogging is Still Important in 2012“. Once you’ve read these reasons and are ready to give your blog your best effort, Social Media Examiner has 26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts to help you get the most out of your blogging efforts.


‘But it’s too hard to keep up all of my social media profiles and run my business’, you say! Perhaps you should try giving automation a try. Search Engine People’s Dan Howell helps to answer the question: Is Automating Your Social Media a Good Idea? For most businesses, having a social media presence is essential. He shows you how to keep from wasting extra time managing your social media presence while simultaneously getting the most out of the time you are spending by streamlining and automating where appropriate.

Now onto the PPC side of things.


Are there businesses that shouldn’t be using PPC advertising, and if so, what are they? Elisa Gabbert over at the WordStream blog shares her thoughts in her post “What Kinds of Businesses Should Use PPC Advertising?” including an eye-catching infographic highlighting Google’s 2011 Revenues. Do you fit into the categories outlined, or find yourself on the outskirts?


Are you a local business or working with a local business on a PPC campaign? Howie Jacobson of Search Engine Watch highlights 3 ways local small businesses can use PPC, in AdWords, split testing, and remarketing.


And how about measuring your conversion data once it’s come in? John Lynch helps separate the wheat from the chaff in his article “Measuring ROI: How to Collect Meaningful PPC Conversion Data“. From general tracking to phone tracking and self-reported data, he shows you how to bring everything together in a dashboard that will help you make the most informed decisions for your business.


Hopefully with those resources, you’re feeling pretty committed to your PPC campaign in the new year. Perhaps even committed enough to marry it. What? No…well…not exactly. What does marriage have to do with PPC campaigns? Quite a bit, according to Jeff Allen at PPC Hero! His post “PPC Management Vows” compares his recent wedding vows to his approach to PPC. “When things get tough, my vows help motivate me. When I don’t know what direction to go, my vows are a source of inspiration.” he says. “Life in PPC isn’t always easy. Sometimes things you thought would make drastic improvements in performance have to be abandoned because they are doing the opposite.” So in order to stay the course with his campaigns and his clients, Jeff has written some vows of his own, PPC-style. Check ’em out! You may feel inspired to write some of your own. And you won’t even have to buy a ring. Unless you want to, that is…

Last but not least, let’s turn our attention to the ‘Tube.


Are you using video marketing as part of your strategy yet? Well, if you are, it looks like you’re on the right track. And if not, it might be time to bust out the camera and get to work! Mike Lewis of Socialnomics makes a case for video marketing in his post “YouTube Killed the TV Star: Why Online Video Marketing is Essential for Marketers in 2012“. He not only offers supporting evidence, but gives some great tips for integrating video marketing into your existing marketing campaign.


That’s it for this week’s roundup! Thanks for reading and as always, if you have any comments, questions, or resources to add, be sure to leave us a comment below or come find us on Twitter. Have a great weekend!