This week’s PPC roundup encourages you to take inventory of the processes you have in place for your Internet marketing efforts, particularly PPC.


The end of the summer is a common time for people to start reassessing their goals and getting ready to buckle down for a productive ‘back to school’ or end-of-vacation time. Thankfully the summer isn’t over yet! But that doesn’t mean it’s too early to take inventory of your current Internet marketing strategy and think of some ways you might be able to improve your ROI in the months ahead.


Let’s start with some PPC tips:


Bethany Bey at PPC Hero elaborates on her 5 favorite AdWords features for PPC managers. These filters should help you view your data in a more organized and meaningful way while you review your PPC performance.


David Greenbaum at Search Engine Journal helps PPC managers move forward with smoother client relationships in his post “Managing PPC Client Expectations: Prospective PPC Client Audit Checklist“. What better way to take inventory than with a checklist? This will help you to keep open communication with your prospective (and current) clients and deliver more accurate results, meeting and exceeding clearly set expectations. Exceeded expectations = happy customers.


Are you a small business owner or PPC manager for a small business? has some tools for you in their post: “A Look at Pay-Per-Click Tools for Small Businesses“, where they review Clickable, WordStream, and ClickSweeper.


A PPC self-assessment wouldn’t be complete without some financial review. Calculate Marketing offers their two cents with 4 Practical Ways to Lower Your AdWords CPCs, and Business2Community chimes in with some ad text advice in their article: “Branded PPC Campaigns: Should You Bid on your Company Name?


Lastly, let’s say you haven’t tried your hand at PPC just yet. What are you waiting for? WordStream might be able to give you that little extra push with Three Reasons to Start Doing PPC.


Ok…We’ve covered a bunch of PPC topics, but what about the other aspects of your Internet marketing initiatives?


For SEO: has your back with their post: “High Risk SEO: 33 Ways to get Penalised by Google“. This helpful guide will keep your SEO techniques white hat and prevent a dreaded Google penalty.


For Social Media:


Social Media Examiner gives you 5 tips for Driving Facebook Fans to your website, offering tidbits for snagging your target customers’ attention and keeping them coming back again and again.


Against…social media?


If you’re not the social media, social networking type, you’re in luck! This unexpected article from JobMob shows you how you can still be an authority figure online without tweeting or updating your Facebook status. Though some of the items in the list do come pretty close to what we’d consider social networking. What do you think?


Everything else:


Here are some final tips that didn’t quite fit in the aforementioned categories, but which can still be important to helping you take inventory of your Internet marketing progress.


Search Engine Land gives online retailers some great tips for improving the load speed of online stores.


Guest thought leader Kevin Hillstrom posts his 8 Key Conversion Optimization Strategies to Ensure that You (Actually) Test What Matters on the Wider Funnel blog.


And last but certainly not least, Rhea Drysdale of Search Engine Journal brings us a powerful post that forces us to take inventory of more than just our Internet marketing, but of ourselves, in her post “The ROI of ‘No’“. Definitely worth a read to help reassess the value of your time and energy!


That’s it for this week’s PPC roundup. If you have any additional Internet marketing inventory-taking posts to share, please leave them here in a comment or catch up with us on Twitter. Have a great weekend!