Sometimes, working in PPC and SEO can make you feel like a detective – always searching for clues to help you optimize for the right keywords, set the right maximum bid, strategically market your content, and of course, keep a keen eye on your competitors.


This week’s PPC roundup focuses on the often tricky but rewarding and fun ‘top secret’ aspects of PPC, with some great articles from the week helping you to feel like even more of a PPC super sleuth.


In PPC Hero’s “Search Psychology — Using Creative Outlets for Writing Ads”, Felicia Coover takes a stand for creativity in PPC ad writing, and she’s right. To get inside your target customer’s head, you have to know who they are, where they are, and what they like and don’t like. Separating the article into sections based on geography, demographics and economics, Felicia helps PPC ad managers find some new ways of looking at their ads, and hopefully getting more attention from their target customers.


Our next article comes from Search Engine People and it’s called “You’re Sitting on Top Secret SEO Info (At Your Finger Tips!)”. How’s that for an enticing title? The article reveals the useful SEO data that’s available to you that you that helps you ‘spy’ on your visitors (ethically, of course), such as where visitors were before they came to your website, which page they were on when they left your site, and which browser they were using. Having this data is pretty common knowledge for SEO experts, but for those new to the SEO side of things, it’s definitely helpful to know about!


Speaking of spying on competitors, Search Engine Land’s article helps you do just that with their “Tips For Spying On Your PPC Competitors”. The article emphasizes the value of competitive intelligence in the PPC world, offering several strategies for keeping an eagle eye on your competitors and using this knowledge to your advantage. And you don’t even have to go undercover! For those worried about ethics, they’ve got that covered too. Be sure to give it a read!


Some other articles we really liked this week include Chad Summerhill’s article on WordStream, “Conversion Rate Optimization: Are You Considering Page Speed as a Variable?”? with a great infographic and tips on how to decrease page load time and hang onto those customers.


For those looking for more lead gen information, this presentation from Ion Interactive on slideshare will help you “fill your funnel” with high quality leads from landing pages.


Still baffled by the Panda Update? You’re not alone. Get some answers from Search Engine Watch as we “celebrate” the six month anniversary of Google’s Panda update. Another great article we liked from Search Engine Watch was “Balancing Your Paid & Organic Keywords” from Jason Tabeling, giving helpful tips for maintaining a proper balance between PPC and SEO.


In the world of search, the phrase on everyone’s lips (keyboards?) seems to be “How’s about that Google+?” Google’s AdWords blog gives users some tips in their post “Doing more with the +1 button, more than 4 billion times a day”.


And lastly, if you’re thinking of taking the Microsoft adExcellence Exam, make sure you read this helpful article first: “The Complege Guide To Taking The Microsoft adExcellence Exam” from Bethany Bey. Tried and true tips from someone who has been there and done it.


That’s it for this week’s PPC roundup! Feel free to leave your resources in the comments and share these ‘top secret’ finds with your twitter followers. Until next week!