With Halloween just around the bend, we figured this week’s roundup theme would be a fun take on the week’s top stories in search. Here you’ll find some helpful PPC tricks, and a few other search marketing treats that we found across the web this week.


Our first trick: “How to Forecast & Measure Your Marketing ROI with a Scorecard” – this article by Alex Cohen on Search Engine Watch shows search marketers how to make a ‘marketing scorecard’ and use that to help forecast data, measure campaigns, and track actual performance versus goals all in one place. He explains the different data points to include and shows a real example of a marketing scorecard to help you get started.


Our next trick comes from PPCBlog – “Add New Negative Keywords & Placements on the Fly“. This Google AdWords trick shows you how having the integration of the Search Query Report within the keywords tab of your search campaigns helps you get a great high-level look at the performance of your campaigns and gives you the chance to identify negative keywords quickly and efficiently. The same applies to negative site placements on the display network, and the post author Geordie shows you how it all works with helpful screenshots.


Speaking of negative keywords, our friends over at PPCHero have their own tricks and treats for PPC managers looking to refine their keyword strategy, but this time, through social media. “Using Social Media to Identify Negative Keywords” by Sarah at Hanapin Marketing provides readers with all sorts of goodies to try out with her review of several social media monitoring services.


This is a treat that offers some tricks from KISSMetrics – The Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet. This infographic gives you a leg up on the competition when it comes to working the viral marketing landscape strategically (and authentically!). Their first tip? “Stop being neutral”.


It’s hard to think that the holiday season is just about upon us (and we’re not talking Halloween). These tricks from Search Engine Land should help you feel ready to make the most of your holiday season this year with your mobile campaigns – “Mobile Holiday Shopping: New Opportunities & Top Tactics For Success“. With over a third of smartphone users and nearly half of tablet users planning to start their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, this is definitely worth a read if you’re using mobile advertising as part of your campaign strategy.


Some other tricks and treats you might enjoy:


SEOMoz – “16 Insights into Google’s Rating Guidelines” – are you making sure that your content follows all of these guidelines and checkpoints? If not, it could be costing you in search rankings.


Search Engine Land – “How to Devise a Psychology Based SEO Strategy” – you see it all the time in our Wins of the Week and Tips from the Boosters — getting into your prospects’ heads is key when it comes to closing a sale with your copywriting skills. This post by Trond Lyngbø provides a handy pyramid graphic and loads of information to bring your SEO strategy to the next level (with tips you can translate into your PPC ads as well!)


Search Engine Watch – “Microsoft Wants you to Search the Web like Miley Cyrus“. An interesting twist on search with a new proposed app that lets you search like a celeb…or does it?


Thanks for reading this week’s PPC roundup! If you have any resources to add, be sure to catch up with us on Twitter or leave a comment below. Have a great weekend!