Last week we brought you some PPC love as we prepared for Valentine’s Day this week, and as expected there was even more search marketing love to go around as the big day drew near. For example, Search Engine Land’s article pointing out that 62% of Valentine’s Day restaurant searches were mobile. All the more reason to make sure your Google Places listing is accurate, and that you’re well represented online (particularly if you’re a cozy restaurant perfect for a romantic date!).


But in the middle of winter, in addition to Valentine’s Day, we face the grim side effects of colds, flu, and other unpleasantness. Whether you ate too much chocolate or are feeling cabin fever, it’s hard to avoid the winter blues, but the PPC world has some help for those whose campaigns are a bit under the weather. Let’s have a look at some of this week’s top stories in search.


Is optimization your forte? Well, even if it is, practice makes perfect and has a great article from Jeff Allen to help you optimize your PPC campaigns like there’s no tomorrow – “3 Fail-Proof Steps to PPC Optimization“. Jeff helps you identify where to optimize, what tests to run, and how to identify ‘the end’. Take a look!


Sometimes if your site or a client’s site’s performance is a bit sickly, the best step toward recovery is a check-up — in the form of an SEO audit of course. Michelle Lowery of Outspoken Media gives some sound advice for SEO doctors out there with her post “SEO Audits that Get Results“. Some of her tips for success — provide a prioritization checklist, write in active voice, and be pithy, among others.


And while you’re working on nursing your SEO back to health, why not take a look at your Google Analytics. Are you tracking the right stuff? Sarah Carling of Search Engine Watch will help you figure that out in her post “Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics: What to Track“.


Sometimes when you’re not feeling well, you just want a cure-all wrapped up into one remedy, and for Google AdWords help, Elisa Gabbert at WordStream has just the thing with her post “AdWords Blogging Mania! Our Best Google AdWords Blog Posts of All Time“. As you can probably guess, we love a good roundup, and this post is loaded with help to cure just about any AdWords ill you might have.


If you’re like the hundred million searchers out there who submit a query about their symptoms on Google when they’re not feeling well, you might be more than just a bit of a hypochondriac — you might be onto something. According to this article at Search Engine Land by Greg Sterling, Google Health search results now suggest causes for your symptoms. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have that rare disease from Antarctica that’s only previously been diagnosed in penguins… but it does mean that Google’s introducing new algorithms to cater to sickly searchers, which might be a boon for those in the healthcare industry.


Lastly, when your campaign is unwell, it might be time to call the doctor. Or just think about calls in general, namely, call tracking. This article on Search Engine Journal by Ayden Mich highlights “5 Call Tracking Insights You Wish You Had”“. If you’ve been looking into implementing call tracking in your PPC stragety, be sure to give this a read.


Well, that’s all for this week’s PPC roundup! Hopefully you’ve found some remedies for whatever may be ailing your campaigns, and we hope you have a great weekend! If you have additional resources to add, be sure to leave a comment or catch up with us on . Until next time!