Welcome to another PPC Weekly Roundup at the Boost CTR blog, where we share some great search and social resources from across the Web. This week’s theme, “social change edition” is actually in reference to some changes in social media; namely, Facebook’s timeline format spreading like wildfire. While Facebook Timeline has been around for a few months now, testing the waters with a small pool of invitees, you can now enable Facebook Timeline with one click, as shown on Mashable.


Concerned about a massive change to your profile layout and potential privacy leaks in your back logs of information? Facebook has you covered,…sorta. You get to trial the new feature for 7 days before having it automatically pushed live to your friends list, so you’ll have time to hide/delete/segment to your heart’s content. Mashable’s got some great related articles to help you do that as well. Be sure to have a look!


Have you gotten into gear with your mobile PPC campaign strategy yet? We threw a bunch of info at you last week to help show you how important it is, but just in case you’re still on the fence, WordStream’s got a great post entitled “The GoMo Initiative: Tips for Creating Mobile-Friendly PPC Campaigns“. Among the tips include mobile landing page design, click-to-call functionality and local extensions. Read on to find out more.


Feeling confused by the Google Panda 2.2 update? You’re not alone. But thankfully the folks at Search Engine People have put together a concise article to help you navigate the chances and understand how the update will impact you and your business: “The Google Panda Update 2.2 Explained“.


Let’s turn our attention over to the analytics side for a moment with this article by Carrie Hill – “A Beginners Guide To Finding Ad Placements & Fine Tune Conversions With Analytics Data“. In this helpful how-to guide, Hill shows readers how “using data from your website, you can find and fine tune advertising placements that increase your foot and online traffic”.


For some festive holiday spirit, Urbanspoon’s Conrad Saam sheds a humorous light on searching for holiday-themed queries, and the results that the leading search engines return in his Search Engine Land article “A Letter From Santa to the Search Community“.


Our friends at PPC Hero came out with some great content this week – firstly their Guide to Multi-Channel Funnels for PPC Managers. Throughout the week, they’ve been publishing articles and videos to help guide you through making the best use of multi-channel funnels. Additionally, the holidays are a perfect time to take inventory of your keywords for the coming year. But where to start? Dave at PPC Hero is ready to show you how to “loosen things up” in your PPC account with a negative keyword audit.


And speaking of PPC makeovers for the new year, Dave Ragals at Search Engine Watch offers a great analogy in his article “Extreme Makeover – PPC Account Edition”, citing common PPC account problems requiring repair, and offering suggestions for solutions to give your PPC account a whole new look (and much better performance!).


That’s all for this week’s roundup! Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your resources in the comments or get in touch with us on twitter. Have a great weekend!