This week’s PPC roundup is focused on a topic on many people’s minds this week as we round the corner of mid-April—the weather!


Robert Brady of Righteous Marketing caught our attention with his post Talking about the Weather—2011 state of Search Marketing. In this ‘PPC climate assessment’, Brady takes inventory of PPC trends in 2011, with his forecast for the rest of the year.  His final verdict? As the Farmer’s Almanac might say, “Looks like it’s gonna be a bit stormy and lots of these young bucks are gonna have a rough ride.”


But national weather trends only take us so far. We’re interested in our local forecasts, too. So are Internet searchers, according to’s Interview with PPC expert Alex Cohen, who shares that 20% of Google’s searches are for local information. And it’s not just the locals that get all the search love. Search Engine Land shows that content sites get more and better traffic from search than social media.


PPC Blog’s interview with Mona Elesseily helps small PPC agencies identify the ‘ideal client’ and shares the biggest mistakes PPC consultants make (one of which involves geographic targeting—there’s that local forecast again!). Joseph Kerschbaum of Clix Marketing also helps PPC managers prepare for some shifts in the search marketing climate with a great post about Microsoft AdCenter’s Quality Score attributes, outlining some of its latest features and optimization tips.


Whether you’re looking for new PPC advertising techniques or better PPC copywriting, the blogosphere’s got you covered this week. WordStream offers the first in a series of posts to help PPC managers re-create AdWords campaign performance in Excel, and Jason Leister shared his PPC tips and PPC forecast with us just the other day.


Lastly, Unbounce has a great guide for increasing conversions on mobile app landing pages, so you can optimize for your customers on the go.


That’s it for this week’s PPC roundup. Thanks for reading and let us know if there are any links you’d like to share!