Don’t be caught unlucky today (or any day!) with your PPC campaign. This week’s PPC roundup is sure to bring you some helpful search marketing tips no matter where you’re at in your campaign progress.


Let’s start off with applying PPC strategy to demand-side platforms (DSPs) in Ted Rooke’s Search Engine Watch article “4 Reasons Your Search Team Should Manage DSP Campaigns“. With traditional campaigns relying on SEM managers to target search, and media managers to manage the display campaigns. “With the recent explosion of demand-side platforms (DSP) and real-time bidding, the display arena is beginning to look very much like the paid search landscape. With this evolution,” says Rooke, “we need to consider which role is best suited for managing the DSP relationship.” Find out more about why Rooke feels it’s time to take a blended approach to DSPs and how this could benefit your company.


Looking for a quick visual reference guide to designing a winning ad? You’re in luck this week as the folks over at AdChop have made just that with their Ad Design Tips infographic. The infographic outlines some split testing techniques to help you try out different approaches to your ads to see which ones win. The infographic was a team effort, drawing expertise from several Internet marketers to come up with the ideas. Definitely worth a look!


Ever wondered how to track off-site clicks as goals in Google Analytics? (okay maybe that’s a pretty specific thing to ask you…but if you haven’t already wondered, now you’re probably dying to know, right?) Well Sujan Patel has helpful instructions in his Search Engine Journal post aptly named “How to Track Off-Site Clicks as Goals in Google Analytics“. He walks the reader through using Google’s event tracking functionality in multiple ways, with instructions for how to get the most out of this robust feature. Be sure to have a read through the article!


Speaking of analytics techniques, Microsoft has gotten on board with its Microsoft Advertising Intelligence (MAI) add-on for Excel with an upgrade from version 5.6 all the way to version 8, reports Pamela Parker of Search Engine Land. This upgrade enables users to refine their keywords with a variety of parameters and contains several pre-designed keyword research templates. While not containing mobile data just yet, the tool has deepened and broadened its data and requires current users to upgrade, otherwise their older version will stop working come May 15.


It wouldn’t be a solid PPC weekly roundup without a little bit of link building help. This week’s link building strategy comes from Rand Fishkin over at the SEOmoz blog with his post “Non-Intuitive Search Queries & Resources for Link Building“. In this post, Rand covers less common link building tactics by searching for things like awards, job listings, forums, or even targeting mentions without links.


While we’re on the researching front, Pamela Vaughan at HubSpot has published a great guide to closed-loop marketing this week in her post “How Closed-Loop Marketing Works“. In the article, she outlines the 4 main steps to closed-loop marketing, from initial site visit to conversion to customer and referral source credit. She also shares useful tools for closed-loop marketing and outlines the benefits.


Elisa Gabbert over at the WordStream blog has covered an important topic this week in her post “Ethics of Search: The White Lies, Gray Zones, and Black Hats of SEO“. She discusses Google’s role in penalizing or not penalizing people for SEO tactics, and turns the tables, having a peek at Google from an ethical standpoint. The over-optimization debate continues, and Elisa has some great resources in her article for further reading and analysis. Be sure to have a peek.


Last but not least, we bring you a post from David Portney of Portent Interactive entitled “SEO is Dead: A Fun Romp through the “Death of SEO” Graveyard“. Throughout his article, David takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to pointing out all of the repeated times that SEO has ‘died’, and how different Internet marketers have covered the shifts and changes in the SEO industry. So what’s the deal — is SEO dead? Is it dying? Has it already died and is now zombie SEO? The world may never know, but you will at least get a chuckle out of this, as well as some insight to your own SEO approaches (from the graveyard or otherwise!).


That’s it for this week’s PPC roundup! Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your own resources in the comments section or catch up with us over on twitter. Have a great weekend!