It’s time again for the weekly PPC roundup! This week we saw a lot of activity surrounding keyword research strategies, PPC ad text techniques and, the ultimate goal we search marketers all love to chase–improving conversion rate.


Over at ClickEquations, we’ve been loving the continued series of Text Ad Optimization Q&As. Yesterday’s question was “How Important is Text Ad Testing in Overall Campaign Optimization?” Previous installments in the series include text ad testing mistakes, choosing text ads to test, and testing influence factors. Can’t get enough ad text optimization tips? We’ve started our own series, with our most recent interview with Portent Interactive’s Michael Wiegand.


Let’s take a look at some keyword-related posts this week. Kathleen Colan from Mongoose Metrics shows how keyword data can improve campaign performance with some solid advice for where to use your target keywords (and how to identify them).


Looking for some keyword discovery tips? Elisa Gabbert at WordStream posted a webinar called Winning the Keyword Research Game, helping viewers to identify keyword niches and apply keyword research to on-page SEO. SEOBook can help you get started with their post outlining 12 Popular Keyword Organization Tips & Tools, and Search Engine People shows us 5 ways to leverage our keyword list. Still can’t get enough keyword research? Ignore what you’ve been told by your friends and start focusing on the negative…keywords that is! PPC Blog helps out with their article on researching negative keywords.


Chances are, improving conversion rates sounds appealing to you! These resources are packed with tips to help improve search marketing ROI. John Ekman of Unbounce helps us understand why a fast website kills two conversion birds with one stone, pointing out that Google uses “page speed” as part of their ranking algorithm and showing how to improve site loading time to make this work to your advantage.


Ion Interactive shows us how to improve conversion rates by being authoritative, with a great infographic and real-world examples. Speaking of infographics, this search marketing map from Overdrive was too cool not to include, as is this one from PPCHero outlining the secrets to paid search success, with a really solid accompanying article.


Tracking conversions and longing for more control over your data? WordStream’s third installment in re-creating AdWords campaign performance in Excel went up this week. If you’re craving more Excel tips, Search Marketing Institute’s Search Marketing Insider shows how to use Excel formulas for PPC Optimization.


Before you head off for your weekend, here’s one last resource to check out. Search Engine Land’s Eric Ward gets up the courage to write about some contrarian perspectives on link building, explaining why many websites “have no business whatsoever being on the web at all”. Find out why!


That’s it for this week’s PPC roundup. If you have any further resources to share or want to join in the discussion on this week’s trends, be sure to comment below. Have a great weekend!



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