This week’s PPC roundup focuses on a topic near and dear to many a search marketer’s heart (and often frustrating and/or overwhelming, too) — metrics and analytics. You may have read our post highlighting Bryan Eisenberg’s website yesterday and found a great resource of tools to help you analyze and measure your PPC and SEO results. So to continue on that path, here are some great posts and resources of the week to help you better wrangle your search performance data.


Our first post for this week’s PPC roundup comes from Search Engine Land, with their offering of Marketo’s free Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics. Search Engine Land describes the guide as follows: “With compelling graphics and real-life examples, this guide offers best practices and techniques for harnessing data to not only prove, but improve ROI.” At a price of $0, it’s definitely worth a look!


Next up we have a great post on the topic of last click attribution and multi-channel attribution from OneNet Marketing entitled: “What Is Last Click Attribution and Why You Should Avoid It“. Dylan, the author, explores the concept of “last click blindness” and how this affects marketers’ ability to accurately interpret the data from their campaign metrics, with tips for making use of multi-channel marketing for your business.


Speaking of multi-channel marketing, Google Analytics has rolled out multi-channel funnels to analyze visitor behavior. Read more about Google Analytics multi-channel funnels in this article from FutureNow.


Google Analytics isn’t the only one rolling out new metrics: Facebook is, too.’s George Guildford elaborates in his article “Why Facebook’s New Metrics are A Big Plus for Brands, highlighting Facebook’s latest features including “people talking about”, “friends of fans”, and “weekly total reach”.


Let’s move into the area of mobile devices and call tracking. Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling’s article “Google Enables Call Tracking from Mobile Landing Pages” showcases the importance of call tracking metrics and just what an impact Google’s click-to-call functionality is having on the future of search and mobile technology. The latest development, Sterling writes, “Google is ‘introducing a new conversion tracking metric . . . to report calls placed from mobile pages.’ In other words Google will be tracking calls made after the click-through to a site.”


If you’re looking for an overall beginner’s guide to conversion tracking, the folks at Trada have you covered with their “Conversion Tracking for Noobs” blog post, showing newbies, or ‘noobs’, how to set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics.


Lastly, if you’re in the content marketing arena, Brick Marketing’s Nick Stamoulis’ post on SEO Copywriting should point you in the right direction for analytics and metrics for your content marketing campaign. Nick offers three metrics to use to measure the success and prove the value of your content marketing: visitors, social shares, and website conversions.


That’s all for this week’s weekly roundup. If you have any resources you’d like to share, about conversion tracking, analytics, or any other search marketing topics, please leave us a comment below. Have a great weekend!