This week saw a pair of interesting studies released from SEMPO and IAB. IAB breaks down the ad format share as follows:

While SEMPO shows a continued rise in search spend:

Check out the Search Engine Land posts linked to above – there are some interesting trends observed by both studies. One of the most interesting trends was the marked increase in leveraging Facebook and Linkedin for PPC.

Social and PPC colliding was being talked about elsewhere as Alex Cohen had a great piece on how social media impacts PPC over on Search Engine Watch, and Jeff walked us through the power of social in creating great Facebook and display advertising campaigns right here on the blog.

In addition to Jeff’s piece, Ryan also walked through with great specificity how a 60% improvement in CTR was won in this week’s Win of the Week and David had a great piece on how to train PPC copywriters over on Search Engine Journal.

Elsewhere we found a really interesting post on segmenting your keywords to optimize for conversion with a comment that lead back to Alan Michell’s post on the art of keyword qualification – both really outstanding reads.

In other parts of the blogosphere Ryan DeShazer had a great post on smarter search analytics (one of his requests was for better ability to mine queries; I wrote up a review of software that does just that not too long ago that’s worth checking out).

All for this week – let me know if we missed anything in the comments!