Unless you’ve been on a tropical island away from a computer the whole week (lucky you!), you couldn’t miss the buzz that SOPA and PIPA have been generating online. Between news stories, celebrity endorsements, petitions, tweets, blog posts, and Facebook shares, that was definitely the dominating theme in this week’s content on the Web.


For a great roundup of SOPA and PIPA-related news coverage, Megan Marrs at WordStream has put together a great post to help fill you in: “SOPA Round-up: The Aftermath of the SOPA and PIPA Blackouts“. Or, if infographics are more your style, Lumin Interactive and Condor Consulting have collaborated on a graphical explanation of SOPA and PIPA.


Amidst the blackouts, we’ve picked out some great resources for you in search as well and you’re sure to find some helpful info in this week’s PPC roundup.


Let’s start off with our friends over at PPC Hero and a guest post they published this week called “Using Project Management to Help PPC”. Guest blogger Joe Schembri makes a great analogy between managing PPC and general approaches to project management in the workplace. His top four suggestions – See the forest and the trees at the same time, know the numbers, communicate for success, and exercise integrity. Find out how to apply these tactics in the post!


Do you use a lot of ads on your website? Do you have a high concentration of ads ‘above the fold’? If so, you’re going to want to read this post by Danny Sullivan on Search Engine Land. Apparently, pages with too many ads above the fold are now penalized by Google’s “page layout” algorithm. Sullivan highlights just how far down the page is far enough, how many ads are too many, and other factors to help you avoid a penalty. If you’ve been penalized already, he offers information regarding getting your penalty lifted and how long you can expect it to take.


Speaking of algorithm changes, Wil Reynolds on the SEOMoz blog has a little wakeup call for SEO and PPC experts out there in his post – “Never Worry About an Algorithm Update Again – A History“. His argument? “There is no algorithmic update coming to correct rankings for tactics that are ‘doing hard work & connecting with customers’. Algorithmic updates are often targeted at those large-scale low quality SEO strategies, so lets just stop doing them.” Do you agree? The adage of hard work paying off just might be the way to avoid any risk of penalty, according to Reynolds. His article offers lots of supporting points and advice for moving forward with your clients and keeping them happy and penalty-free in the future.


Are you a doctor? (chances are slim if you’re reading this!) Well, even if you’re not, this post can apply to you – “Doctors, Please Claim Your Google Places Listing!“. Jeff Brooks shows how simple it is to create a Google Places listing and how important this can be in gaining the trust of potential customers as well as getting exposure to them in the first place. If your business has a physical address and phone number, you definitely want to make sure to claim your listing, or you might end up with automatically inserted incorrect information, or worse, an inappropriate photo.


Etsy users are using it. Fashionistas are using it. Interior decorators and brides-to-be are using it. And now, companies are starting to use it strategically. Know what it is? Pinterest – an online ‘pin board’ app designed to help people collect, organize, and share their favorite things found on the web. Kaila Strong of Search Engine Watch has written a post entitled “7 Creative Ways Your Brand Can Use Pinterest“, citing big names such as Martha Stewart, The Travel Channel and Nordstrom as brands already jumping on this opportunity to influence and network with customers. Understandably, there’s a dichotomy regarding whether Pinterest is an appropriate place for strategy and promotional use. What side of the argument are you on?


That’s it for this week’s roundup! If you have any comments or resources of your own to add, please leave us a note in the comments section or catch up with us on twitter. Have a great weekend!