This week’s PPC roundup follows a trend we saw making headway this past week— the ever-mysterious quality score—along with some other great posts as well. From quality score to content marketing, we’ve got you covered in this week’s PPC roundup.


You may remember in last week’s roundup we featured Clix Marketing’s post about Microsoft adCenter’s Quality Score (or as it was referred to in the article, the competitive score). The topic of the quality score has gotten further attention this week, starting at the ClickEquations blog. In addition to his recent post Quality Score Decoded?, Craig Danuloff’s most popular blog post gets a facelift this week with his latest quality score update The Economics of Quality Score (Revoked). Building off of his original content, Craig adds some new pointers to the “perfect carnival game” of quality score tinkering.


Love PPC data and charts? (Honestly, what search professional doesn’t?) Then you’ll love this next post. Here’s a data-rich post from Steve Baker of Epiphany Solutions called Decoding the Quality Score. Steve shows us some data from assorted campaigns linking average CTR with position and quality score and how this data relates to his overall PPC strategy.


Beyond quality score, PPC marketers were blogging up a storm this week about all sorts of timely things. Search Engine Land shows us Proven Ways to Use Content to Attract Links as part of their Linkbuilding Foundational Blueprint series, as well as some interesting findings about mobile ads on Google. Also on the content marketing train is Garrett French with his Search Engine Watch article about buy cycle link building.


PPC Hero never disappoints, and this week was no different with another data analysis-happy post helping search marketers prepare for Google Analytics’ IQ Test with E-Commerce Tracking training. Want further analysis? PPC Hero also published a great interview with Measured SEM’s Tom Demers regarding analyzing your PPC ad strategy.


Here are some other great posts we came across this week. WordStream posts a follow up to last week’s post– Re-Creating AdWords Campaign Performance Charts in Excel, Part 2. Jason Lancaster of Denver Internet Marketing begs Internet marketers to stop comparing SEO and PPC, and John Ellis identifies the big wrong question that clients ask when getting started with PPC.


That’s it for this week’s PPC roundup. If you have some sources to share, please leave a comment for us! Have a great weekend.