This week’s PPC roundup will help you brush up on your PPC skills and clean out the unnecessary clutter holding your search marketing strategy back.


To start things off, it’s time to figure out if you’re falling victim to the 3 Sure Signs Your PPC Campaign Needs Spring Cleaning, brought to us by Matt Van Wagner of Search Engine Land. If you find that your campaigns are in even more dire need than what Matt’s outlined here, not to worry — next week he’ll be taking it to the next level and discussing campaign overhauls. Don’t miss it!


Okay, so you’ve figured out that your search engine marketing efforts need a bit of sprucing up this spring. Why not start with link building? SEOptimise’s Tad Chef has a great post on Link Context and Anchor Text Optimization. Now, there’s always a spring cleaning chore that you don’t like doing. Maybe it’s cleaning out the basement or washing the windows. If link building is akin to these activities for you, SEOMoz is here to help with their blog post “Competitor Analysis for Linkbuilding: A Guide for People Who Hate Linkbuilding”.


Next let’s take a look at your ads. Are they performing the way you want them to? Could they be better? ClickEquations has released their Text Ad Testing Master’s Guide (with links to the best of their text ad Q&A series as well!). This will get your text ads whipped into shape in no time. For further text ad optimization and money-saving tips, Alex Cohen at Search Engine Watch can help with 3 compound metrics to help slim down your CPCs. Need a bit more clarification about PPC metrics and want to make sure you’re taking the right approach? Elisa Gabbert at WordStream outlines common PPC metrics and some of the information they will and won’t give you.


Once you’ve optimized your PPC text ads, you’ve got to send your customers to a landing page that will get them to convert! Modo Media Group shows us how to write a winning landing page in their post.


To wrap up this week’s roundup, here are a few more great resources to get your search marketing spring cleaning underway: Clickz shows us the impact of display on search while discusses how searches on smartphones fit in the purchase funnel. Looking for a bit more of a general overview of search engine marketing topics? Search Engine Land gives 3 ways to connect the dots with search marketing, and Fluency Media shows us how digital marketing can drive sales for any business.


That’s all for this week’s PPC roundup. Thanks for reading and please feel free to add your helpful articles or suggestions in the comments below! Have a great weekend.