We have an assortment of search marketing articles and blog posts to share with you this week, and since today is June 10th, we figured that featuring 10 great links would be pretty appropriate. From link building to social media, PPC ads and quality score, we have 10 great SEM resources to kick off your weekend.


  1. Search Engine Journal’s “The Good, the Bad, and the Tag” gives us advice for helping visitors follow the navigational path of your website, with tips on how to take the ‘ugly’ out of your tagging process.


  2. Alex Cohen of ClickEquations shows us how social media affects paid search, highlighting how Google finds and monetizes relationships, and what social media means for paid search marketers.


  3. PPC Hero’s Felicia Coover kicks it old school with her comparisons between Google and Optimus Prime from Transformers. She offers some background information on embedded sitelinks with tips for how to set them up in AdWords.


  4. Mashable’s Ron Rogowski sheds light on the need for a digital customer experience strategy in order to stay competitive and succeed, regardless of your industry or company size. Ron shows how multi-channel the average customer really is and offers tips for expanding your reach to new devices and other marketing channels.


  5. Just some nuggets of data in this one — the LA Times published a post outlining statistics about display advertising on mobile devices. As you can probably guess, numbers are on the rise and don’t appear to be tapering off any time soon.


  6. Robert Rose of iMedia Connection tells us how “ugly” can boost your campaign. Turns out you don’t have to hate your competitors because they’re beautiful, afterall.


  7. Want to improve your conversion rate? Who wouldn’t? Paras Chopra of Search Engine Land gives us 3 Low Hanging A/B Testing Opportunities to Increase Conversion Rate.


  8. If you’ve ever felt a little hesitant or worried while managing a new PPC campaign, WordStream has you covered with some tips for navigating rocky PPC waters, addressing common concerns for new campaigns with proposed solutions.


  9. It can be a challenge to effectively market your SEO or PPC services to clients that are completely unfamiliar with it. Hugo Guzman offers his advice for how to sell link building to someone who doesn’t know what it is, helping readers to get over that initial hurdle of building trust with unfamiliar concepts for clients.


  10. PPC Hero got us again with their article “Fixing PPC Problems with Keyword Match Types“. What’s even better about this post is there are links to past posts in the series, with other short and helpful videos to watch all in one place.


    That’s all for this week’s roundup. Do you have any resources from the week that you’d like to share?


    Have a great weekend!