Is it?  Is it?  Is it back to school where you are yet?  If so, lucky!  If not, you are probably at the end of your child-rearing rope like we are.  Here’s to holding on to sanity for one more week!


Now, the most exciting news in PPC land from last week!


First, from Google…………………..


The AdWords blog has a new look – did anyone else notice?


Here’s a reminder about preventing and resolving AdWords policy violations.  Check out the AdWords Policy Center for a completely exhaustive list of compliance requirements.


Are you up to date with the latest Product Feed Specifications?  Note that there are recent changes to be aware of including enforcement of the correct use of the ‘identifier exists’ attribute in September.


See some examples across sectors and across countries of how advertisers are dealing with mobile bid adjustments, with details from the Japanese finance sector, the US dining/entertainment sector, and the Canadian auto sector.  This is good to be cognizant of because of the rapid rate of mobile advertising.  Search Engine Journal has some stats on growth in mobile search.


A very cool new feature has come to AdWords –  “The new paid & organic report is the first to let you see and compare your performance for a query when you have either an ad, an organic listing, or both appearing on the search results page.”  Now we can have greater insight when wondering what lift PPC gives when there *is* an organic listing, and when there’s not.  Before you get too hung up on these reports, though, check out Search Engine Land’s article about average positions (being a distracting lie).


Now, from Bing Ads….


Microsoft/Yahoo have released a report about how financial services marketers profit with Bing Ads.


Fun with UTM codes!  Learn the ins and outs of URL tracking parameters here.


Soon, Bing Ads will offer a Dimensions tab which will be “accompanied by a Distribution graph. Distribution graphs are a great way to visually interact with your data and peer into its relationship to key performance metrics – like ROI.”  To participate in the pilot, pilot, please send your request to


Microsoft will be rolling out some changes to Bing Shopping, including (free) rich captions (to participate, you will need to submit your product catalog via a feed), and product ads (paid), which will allow advertisers to include product details such as image, price and description within their ads. Learn more here.  Here’s Search Engine Land’s take on the new Bing Shopping experience.


From elsewhere on the web…….


Curious about harnessing the power of retargeting for your PPC campaigns?  Search Engine Journal has some good tips for you.  The author breaks it down into best practices for ecomm, lead gen, and content.  And, here’s a primer on retargeting from Search Engine Watch.


And, who hasn’t fielded questions from curious clients and colleagues about the new comScore report that Yahoo defeats Google as the top destination of US users in July?  See Search Engine Watch’s take here.


Finally, check out the 4 Google changes that could impact your holiday marketing efforts.


That’s it for this week, guys!  Enjoy the rest of your day!