After weeks of rain, spring finally appears to have come to New England! We at Boost are giving you a rundown of the week’s hottest search stories to add an extra “spring” to your search marketing step.


Let’s start with Search Engine Land’s (SEL) excellent article 4 PPC Tactics To Ensure You Meet & Exceed Your Plan, which gives some ideas about how to tweak PPC campaigns to meet quarterly goals. The first tactic is keyword growth via mining alternate data sources (like analytics reports) for more converting terms. Other tactics include: revising content network campaigns, leveraging outside resources for keyword expansion and bidding strategies, and “bidding up” high converting “head” terms.


The sheer number of campaign settings in Google AdWords can intimidate the most seasoned search marketers, so the good people at Search Engine Watch have written 2 Hidden Adwords Campaign Settings That Can Trip You Up to help prevent any unintended consequences of campaign settings. The settings that author Melissa Mackey examines here are “advanced location options” and “ad scheduling.”


If you have clients with “ambiguous” brands (think Apple), you should check out SEO & Search: 9 Tips for Managing an Ambiguous Brand, also from Search Engine Watch. Negative keywords and descriptive ad copy are critical to making sure that ambiguous brand ads appeal to the right customer and that you aren’t wasting precious ppc budget.


The goal of PPC is usually driving conversions. That said, have you taken a good look at your landing pages recently? Hubspot’s blog offers some insight on improving calls to action in its recent article 13 Sloppy Mistakes You’re Making with Your Calls to Action.


In a similar vein, check out Hubspot blog’s How to Leverage Thank You Page Real Estate for Better Marketing. Put that often-looked-over page to work for you!


Back over at Search Engine Land, 10 Great Adwords Options for Boosting Conversions, gives a nice overview of some fundamental Adwords settings to help optimize your campaigns. Want to see how your PPC campaigns perform on computers vs. tablets?  Author Mattie Otters says: “If you are running campaigns on Computers and Tablets, and you would like to know the performance on tablets, just click on segment and choose ‘Device’. You will see the results for Computers and Tablets separated, so it’s easy to compare the performance of these different devices.”


Looking for help with keyword research?  Check out SEL’s Time to Reap What You’ve Sown from Keyword Seeds.  Finally, the biggest buzz in SEO land is how social signals impact organic search. We found Four Steps to Create the Foundation for Social SEO to be a good place to start.


Have a stellar weekend, everyone!