People have been picking apples and picking up new Apples lately.  Did you do either?  If so, enjoy!  If not, we offer you consolation in the form of a roundup of this week’s best PPC stories from around the web.


First, from Google:


Google partnered with HootSuite on Tuesday for a webinar about how social media impacts the bottom line.


The AdWords blog article New AdWords budget option: Shared budgets announces a new feature of AdWords that allows advertisers to share budget across campaigns.  This is great as it allows a whole new level of budget sharing and maximization, while still allowing you to break out campaigns in the most targeted ways.


Forrester and Google AdWords also teamed up for a webinar last week about the best ways to combine display ad tactics to best reach your target audience.  You can access the whitepaper Display Media Buyers Value Audience in Context authored by Forrester, as well as the link to archived webinars here.


While we are on the topic of display, Google has launched a Creative Sandbox Gallery. Now open for play where you can see  some of the most creative ads and campaigns today.


Have you upgraded your AdWords Editor yet?  You need to do so  before October 28, 2012 or your version may not be supported anymore.


And, from Bing Ads (feels better saying that than Microsoft adCenter):


The old adCenter blog has been quiet for a few weeks.  The new Bing Ads blog has a lot of information about contests and promotions like Bing Rewards, Ultimate Bing Experience, the Bing it on Challenge, and more but not a whole lot else in terms of product updates, best practices, etc.


And, from elsewhere around the web:


If you have ever wondered how Google rates the quality of webpages, this article is right up your alley: Google Search Quality Raters Instructions Gain New “Page Quality” Guidelines. The “Page Quality Rating Guidelines” guide that Google provides to  human raters was leaked a while ago, and is now up to 161 pages long!  Check out the article for specific details about how the ratings system works.


If you are new or new-ish to PPC, this article 5 Steps For A Flawless Paid Search Launch is a great place to start.  We like the recommendation that you have someone else check for errors.  It always helps to have more than one set of eyes.


You’ve surely gotten the memo that mobile/local is where it’s at.  Report: Highest Mobile CTRs Where User 1-2 Miles From Business drives the point home.


That’s it for this week, faithful readers.  Have a great weekend!