Students are heading back to campus to get their learn on, but don’t be jealous; we have a whole assortment of PPC news from around the blogosphere to help you expand your own mind. Our content is way more practical and profitable than what you’ll ever learn in Math for Poets.


Let’s start with Google AdWords news.


Google’s hosting hangouts on Google Plus to walk advertisers through AdWords-related topics and take questions on Thursdays at 11 a.m. PST. The first one was on August 16, but you can join one any week. See more here.


AdCenter had a BUNCH of blog posts this week, including:


The Return of the PPC Back to Basic Series! announcing the return of an adCenter blog post series on a variety of topics including best practices, product updates, and more.


5 Landing Page Best Practices to Keep Your Relevance and Quality High, which advises advertisers to be clear, detailed, and honest in their ad copy to keep customers (and adCenter) happy.


Now it’s easier to see why your ads aren’t running right within your adCenter campaigns. See details in Disapproved Ads and Keywords Tool Retirement: Introducing a Better Way to Find Disapproved Ads and Keywords


If you aren’t at SES San Francisco (or if you didn’t take notes), you can see a great rundown of the highlights of the first day at SES San Francisco Day 1: Evolving Your Search Advertising.


And, adCenter is making client management and transition easier. See more in New in adCenter: Agency Enablement Features Makes Account Management Easier.


And finally, adCenter announces ad rotation in From adCenter with Love – Ad Rotation Function Has Arrived.


And from elsewhere around the web….


Get smarter with conversion tracking courtesy of Benny Blum at Search Engine Land. He gives a detailed look at identifying and converting new, potentially high lifetime value users vs. repeat users.


Our favorite analytics guy, Avinash Kaushik has been inviting questions recently that he answers in Dear Avinash: Attribution Modeling, Org Culture, Deeper Analysis +++. He organizes the questions by “really difficult,” “oh that’s not so bad,” “omg that’s easy” and the “unknown unknowns,” proving once again that he is the funniest guy in the industry!


If you are like most SEMs, you spend a LOT of time reporting. This article gives some ideas and tips to “laser focus” your dashboards to make reporting easier and more effective.


Display network advertising sometimes gets a bad rap for not attracting a high enough CTR, but it can be a viable source of clicks and leads for advertisers willing to customize campaigns and ads to meet the needs of this more passive audience. Search Engine Journal has an article about what you can do to reign in your display network campaigns.


Hope you learned something useful.  Have a great weekend, everyone!