Hope everyone is having a nice week, whether you were off or just had a shorter work week.  For you faithful readers who are still chomping at the bit for PPC news at the end of a short week, here’s the latest and greatest!


First, from Google……


Check out this case study from the Mobile AdWords blog where a Brazilian bank uses the Conversion Optimizer for mobile apps, resulting in 31x more app downloads, and a 70% drop in cost per download..  You can also view the whole case study here.


If you need a refresher on the Display Network, Google recently updated the basic info page including everything you need to know about where your ads might show up.


There are always good discussions and nuggets of PPC wisdom in the AdWords Community.   Here’s a good recent conversation about why your Analytics and Adwords accounts may not be synching.  Here’s one about many-per-click vs. one-per-click. Enjoy lurking around!


From Bing Ads Land……


Everything at Bing was pretty quiet this past week.  Hopefully they are enjoying a quiet week too.  They deserve it after the significant updates that were rolled out over the last quarter.


There’s fun to be had lurking in Bing Ads forums too, though the latest posts (from December 28th) are about crashes and stuff not working.  Oops.


From Elsewhere on the Web…..


Seeking Alpha has a great article called Apple’s Slow and Steady Search Attack.  The takeaway from this article is really in the final paragraph:


“Siri still routes through Google (as a default search engine on the iPhone), and as currently constructed, is not yet a threat to Google search. But with clever maneuvering, courting Marissa Mayer, buying a real search engine and licensing enticing patents, Apple has a myriad of opportunity to defeat the search Goliath that is Google, on either our desktops or in our mobile phones.”




Search Engine Watch has Top News Events of 2012 & Resulting PPC Trends for your reading pleasure.


Search Engine Land has 7 Secrets For Dealing With Quality Score and Search Engine Land’s Most Popular Stories On Google+ In 2012: Panda, Knowledge Graph & SEO.


Search Engine Journal has an article with a title we couldn’t resist (even though it’s more SEO) Get Over Yourself – Matt Cutts Did Not Just Kill Another SEO Kitten about the press release link/SEO connection.


That’s it for this week, dear readers.  Hope your New Year’s is fantastic and we’ll see you in 2013!