Easter crept up on us this year.  Not surprising, give the recent (super crappy) weather in New England.  Hope that no matter what holidays you celebrate you are enjoying this lovely weekend!


Now down to business.  Let’s take a look at the best and most informative posts about Paid Search from the prior week.


First, from Google……..


Very much in line with the recently released Enhanced Campaigns, which we will all default to in the near future, Google has released a tool it calls “The Full Value of Mobile“.  It’s a helps you “consider online and offline conversions in a way you may not be measuring yet and give credit where it’s due. ”  There are options for in-store, calls, apps, cross device, and mobile site conversions.


This is something you may have attempted before, but it’s possible that you may get more buy-in for your own attribution models if they are based on something that very well may become a standard model.


Google’s big mobile push obviously makes sense.  Google and Nielsen conducted a study about Mobile together.  You can see their presentation with some really good data about how mobile impacts conversions.


Finally, here’s a link to a YouTube video case study about how adidas has estimated offline conversions that are assisted by PPC.


Now, fresh from Bing Ads……………..


Sure, you target searchers in the US with your awesome paid campaigns, but have you thought about expanding your reach to Canada?  Here’s an article from Bing’s Canadian Search Evangelist that will help you get started advertising to our northern neighbors!


Bing Ad’s resources have been kind of spread out traditionally, which isn’t surprising considering the amount of changes the platform’s gone through over the past few years.  Last week, Bing announced a new one-stop shop for all things Bing Ads. The new website combines resources from the Bing Ads Community site, the Bing Ads search advertising support center and the Bing Ads platform help files. You can find Bing Ads How To and Get Started material, a multimedia gallery, vertical insights, case studies, text-based trainings and accreditation, tool downloads, and much more!


Finally, from Bing, here are some posts with good lessons shared at SES in NYC last week:


Now, from elsewhere around the web……..


A SUPER useful article if you use (and you should be) Google Analytics in tandem with Paid Ad campaigns.  From Search Engine Land – 5 Simple Ways To Debug Your Google Analytics Installation.


Data is key to setting up good search campaigns, so we’ve been psyched for this new source of keyword data.  Also, from SEL – Facebook Graph Search Now Passing Keyword Data To Webmasters.  Have you checked it out yet?


Google’s been the gold standard, but most advertisers are devoting budget to Bing Ads as well.  This AdGooroo study does a comparison of performance in various verticals for the two engines.


Search Engine Journal has a concise article on getting users to trust your website. It also has an article with good tips about prepping for adoption of Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords.


That does it for this week folks.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week!