Following a holiday round-up hiatus, we now return to our regularly scheduled Week-Ending (well, Three-Weeks-Ending in this case) PPC Blog Roundup.
The first story that caught our eye was Brad Geddes’ Last Post on bg Theory. Brad is leaving to focus on his latest endeavor, Certified Knowledge, an Adwords, PPC, and Internet Marketing Training Program. We’re proud to have Brad as an advisor for Boost PPC, and he has contributed as much (and probably more) than anyone in the industry to those trying to learn about paid search as an evangelist on forums (as eWhisper), on the bgTheory blog, and via various speaking engagements. In addition to Certified Knowledge (a training site we highly recommend checking out) Brad is also launching a brand new podcast on Webmaster Radio called Marketing Nirvana, and was nice enough to have Boost CTR co-founder and CTO Rob Lenderman and our Writer Network Director Ryan Healy on as the show’s first guests.

Rounding Up the Roundups of 2010/2011 Recaps and Predictions

Next, for those of you who missed the 300 other Year-Ending/ Year-Beginning/ Summary/ Recap/ Prediction/ Round-up of Round-ups, here’s a quick summary of our favorite New Year’s-themed posts:Oli Garnder of Unbounce aggregated a remarkably thorough collection of conversion optimization case studies, infographics, interviews, and tips in The Unbounce Blog’s 52 Ways to be a Conversion Badass in 2010.  Brad Geddes showed up again on Search Engine Land with a review of last year’s best time and money-saving PPC features in his post, Top 10 Paid Search Features You Might Have Missed in 2010.  Search Engine Journal and Wordstream offered innovative suggestions for the coming year in their respective posts, Top 5 Things to Test in Your PPC Campaign for the New Year, and our friend Chad had a great post outlining some New Year’s Resolutions for PPC.

You should also check out PPC Hero’s 2010 Review and 2011 Expectations post if you haven’t already and Mashable’s 6 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2011, both predicting big jumps in social media advertising.

And, for those of you who enjoyed those little yellow pamphlets in your high school years, here is our Round-Up of Round-Ups–our Cliffs Notes of Cliffs Notes–The Best of the “Best Ofs” for 2010’s PPC Blog Posts:* Seach Marketing Standard’s Top 10 of 2010
* Techipedia’s Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010
* Click Equation’s Most Popular Posts of 2010
* WordStream’s Top 10 Posts of 2010

PPC Blog Content from Around the Web

And of course, it wasn’t all year-in-reviews and guesses about next year in the blogosphere: plenty of people were posting some interesting stuff on the topic of PPC, including right here on the Boost blog.* Boost CTR’s Win-of-the-Week Winners:

* 45% Improvement for CafePress

* 88% Improvement (!!) for Compliance Signs
And in case you missed it the first time, or you just can’t get enough of us, you should definitely check out our Ad Text Tip: Using Symbols in PPC Ad Text, a terrific guide not only for style and utility but also for trademark and copyright symbol how-tos.

Our friends over at the WordStream blog launched some new campaign management tools, offered some tips on how to explain PPC to clients, and showed us how to get the most out of VLOOKUP for PPC.

Google has had a run on reporting bugs in the interface, and it looks like their AdWords certification program is having issues as well. Luckily the dev team over at AdWords is getting some help, as the Big Daylight blog published a work around for removing tracking parameters from destination URLs.

The Click Equations blog had a great read on the subject of data analysis in PPC, and also published #11 from their secret truth series on how AdWords Quality Score impacts CPC.

Meanwhile the team at Unbounce had another great post on using trust symbols to increase conversions on a brand new Website. To help out with the nuts and bolts of setting up these types of tests, the Seer Interactive blog came up with a great use-case for Google’s Campaign Experiments: landing page testing.

And finally, rounding out our roundup, we have a nifty tip for using AdWords Editor you might not have been aware of, and a great step-by-step post from PPC Hero on managing bids via Excel.

All right, well that’s all for this week – what did we miss? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll be back next week with a fresh list of PPC links.