Ready for fall? As the days get shorter, it’s time to switch from summer mode back into work mode. There were some good stories online this week that will hopefully inspire you to get down to business.


First, from the engines themselves…..


Do you use DoubleClick Search to manage across platforms?  Then, Google’s got good news for you.  Thanks to the work the DoubleClick Search team has focused on enhancing automated bidding tools, 88% have experienced significant improvements in campaign performance, with 50% doubling their conversions at half the CPA. Read more about the updates here.


Also from Google, now there is an AdWords Community: now in Traditional Chinese.  You can see the English version which launched last winter here. It includes user forums organized by improve results, manage ads, measure results, billing, ad approvals and policies, set up basics, and more.


Again this week the adCenter blog has a lot of posts, including:


Surely by now, everyone in the business has learned from the Panda Update that search engines do NOT like spammy content. adCenter reaffirms this in Be Honest With Your Customers – Avoid Misleading Content.


Geo-targeting is important to a lot of clients’ campaigns and there are so many different ways to do it with paid search. Radius Targeting in adCenter – Tips from an adCenter Pro tells how one adCenter advertiser uses this feature and how she avoids potential pitfalls.


New in the adCenter August 2012 Upgrade: Ad Rotation, IP Exclusion and More gives an overview of recent changes and additions to adCenter that we’ve covered before, including ad rotation, IP exclusion, and easier match type additions.


A new Editorial Exceptions functionality that will enable advertisers to manage your disapprovals more easily and get campaigns live faster is rolling out to more users. See more here.


From elsewhere around the web…..


Are SERPs shrinking?  This has implications for both paid and organic search.  SEOMoz has a post about recently sighted Top 7 Results here.


adCenter has definitely released a lot of new features lately (see above), but is it catching up to AdWords? Mike Nelson at Search Engine Land doesn’t seem to think so, but there ARE features he thinks are better in adCenter than in Adwords. See the ones he likes here.


Search Engine Journal has an article outlining the importance of international mobile search based on Google’s recent report of mobile usage growth.


PPC is a quick way to test concepts since it can be deployed and measure faster than any other method of advertising. Search Engine Journal also has an interesting article called 5 Things PPC May Be Telling You About Your Business (Without You Realizing! including using PPC as a tool to measure the success of branding exercises, evaluating landing page performance, testing unique selling propositions, and getting insight into your users language patterns.


That’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend everyone!